9 Things Orlando Bloom Does Shirtless

Celebrities certainly have their own way of doing things. Just ask birthday boy Orlando Bloom. When he dates, his girlfriends are toprated singers or Victoria’s Secret models. When he fights, he performs some mind-blowing stunts that leave you stunned. When he parties, it’s usually at a fancy beach location. And whatever he does, he likes to do it without his shirt on. In fact, when he is not in costume for his movies, or attending a Hollywood event, he rarely puts a shirt on, and we are very thankful for that. Here are nine things Orlando Bloom does shirtless:



The whole point of a modelling job is to show off that hot bod. And Orlando Bloom has plenty to show.

Orlando Bloom shirtless - BookMyShow


Shooting for movies

We barely got to see the actor shirtless in the Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit trilogy. But he does bare his shirt for Troy.

Orlando Bloom shirtless - BookMyShow


Chilling on a holiday

Coastal spots are Bloom’s favorite. The humidity makes it impossible for the actor to keep his shirt on.

Orlando Bloom shirtless - BookMyShow


Walking his dog

Going out with a pet can take the attention away from you. But Bloom sure knows how to keep our eyes off his dog.

Orlando Bloom shirtless - BookMyShow


Going to the beach

Who wears clothes to the beach? Bloom definitely likes to keep all his shirts dry when he is in the sea.

Orlando Bloom shirtless - BookMyShow

In fact, the actor has never been spotted wearing a shirt on a beach.

Orlando Bloom on the beach - BookMyShow


Showing off tattoos

Bloom does not have a tattoo on his chest, but when he gets a temporary one, he lets us know by showing off every bit of it.

Orlando Bloom shirtless - BookMyShow



He who sleeps naked, sleeps well. Bloom certainly likes to be at his comfortable best, even when he is asleep.

Orlando Bloom shirtless - BookMyShow



Hiking is not just an excursion, it is the chance for Bloom to be one with nature. And what’s more natural than shedding off your clothes?

Orlando Bloom shirtless - BookMyShow


Hanging out with his girlfriend

Bloom rarely wears his shirt in the presence of his girlfriend, Katy Perry. We don’t hear Katy complaining though.

Orlando Bloom shirtless - BookMyShow


Happy birthday, Orlando Bloom! Shirts were not meant for you.

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