I: Rajeev Masand’s rendezvous with Shankar and Vikram

 ‘’ My script demands a big budget and that’s why I opt for one. The audience are now coming to my films expecting grandeur’’. 

If you’re a familiar with Tamil cinema, then you know there is only filmmaker who is likely to mouth the aforementioned lines – Shankar. Be it Indian (1996), Mudhalvan (1999) or Sivaji (2007); all his films have a distinct quality in them that appeals to the audience. The director is popular for using top notch VFX in all his films, and has stunned the audience by incorporating these techniques in films like Jeans (1998) (motion graphics technology), and more recently Endhiran. And now, the versatile director is back with I. A movie which has been in the making for over two-years. After watching the film’s riveting teaser, we can’t wait any longer.
Despite being in the industry for over two decades, you rarely see Shankar give a television interview. Popular film critic Rajeev Masand had Shankar on his show for a special interview about I. The director spoke about his upcoming film I, actor Vikram’s unflinching dedication towards his work and his knack for creating big budget films. Take a look at the full interview here: 


Rajeev Masand also interviewed the lead actor of I, Vikram. He took us by storm with his performance in Sethu, lived the character of a person diagnosed with split-personality in Anniyan, and drew us in with his national-award winning performance in Pithamagan. Vikram is a versatile actor who has won the hearts of people, in a land where only mass appeal heroes rule! Vikram spoke to Rajeev Masand on the steps he took to transform himself into the characters and how his trainer began to worry after he noticed Vikram’s unrecognizable transformation. 

We can’t wait to see Vikram in the romantic-thriller, I. What did you think about this interview? Do share your thoughts with us.

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