Remembering the Rogues Who Made Our Childhood Awesome

We all love a bit of nostalgia especially about things associated with our childhood. Reaching home on time just to grab an episode of your favorite cartoon series is a memory we all cherish. The building up of excitement, fear, panic while watching our superheroes fight the villains left us jubilant towards the end when the latter were finally defeated. Some of these villains (Rogues) were dumb-witted, while others had superhuman intelligence and powers beyond any explanation.

Let’s just agree that without these villains, no memories were possible. Enough of praising the heroes, let’s talk about the bad boys.

Bluto in Popeye
popeye-and-blutoBluto/Brutus is a muscular, hefty yet dumb character from the Popeye series who almost always loses the fight to Popeye who depends solely on a bowl of spinach. Olive Oil, Popeye’s girlfriend is at the centre of this love triangle. Bluto, in his desire to get Olive, always ends up kidnapping her only to get whacked good at the hands of the Popeye. And how we all loved it when Bluto got beaten up.

This series is probably loved by all mothers too for obvious reasons. (Spinach, of course)

Mojo Jojo and HIM in Powerpuff
mojo-and-him-compressedThe Power Puff Girls are among the cutest cartoon characters created as result of a complex Chemical X reaction. Their main arch-rival is Mojo Jojo, a power hungry chimpanzee, a mad scientist with super intelligence. His purpose in life is to defeat the girls and take over the control of the whole world. To this end, his efforts often lead him to produce giant robots or weapons.

Another villain in the series is HIM, who is more malicious and sinister, and whom the girls actually fear. He has the power of something called as `Negative Feelings Empowerment` which means that he feeds on the negative feelings of others. He is one monstrous creature who has strange powers and desires.

Mandark in Dexter’s Laboratory
mandark_vs-compressedSusan Mandark Astronomic is originally more intelligent than our beloved Dexter but our hero is not ready to accept this fact. His self-respect is hurt when Mandark asks Dexter to shut down his lab and become his lackey. When Mandark falls in love with the very annoying Dee Dee, Dexter decides to use this to his advantage thus damaging Mandark’s superior lab and all his inventions. This turns Mandark in an evil and ominous being who wants to destroy Dexter and become the king of the world.

Frieza in Dragon Ball Z
friez-compressedOne of the most atrocious, sadistic and portentous antagonist in the Dragon Ball Z series, Frieza is an alien tyrant who wants to capture all planets and rule the universe. Blessed with the ability to fly at superhuman speeds, he has the ability to produce a supernatural energy called Ki through which he creates great havoc and destruction as he goes on a rampage to destroy planets. He has the gift of physical transformation and takes four principal forms each unique and potent.

Team Rocket in Pokemon
team-rocketTeam Rocket in Pokemon is a criminal organisation hell-bent on capturing powerful and rare Pokemon with the ultimate desire to rule the world. Giovanni is the leader who labels the other three members Jessie, James and Meowth as a bumbling trio who are persistent in their efforts yet incompetent all the time. They always end up blasting off into the sky after creating grave chaos and mess wherever they go.

Verminous Scuum in Captain Planet and the Planeteers
skuumYour worst nightmare. I'm ignorance. I'm fear. I'm hate.

Verminous Skumm

That’s Verminous Skuum in his own words. One of the eco-villains in Captain Planet and the Planeteers series, Skuum is a filthy mutant rat, always found in dirty, ragged clothes with a red scarf covering his head and face.

An apt analogy for the current world situation, Skuum represents entropy thus setting out to create complete anarchy in the natural order of the environment. He is one of the five Eco-Villains who contributes in the creation of Captain Pollution by providing the element `Toxins`.

A true representation of all things disgusting, Skuum is one of the best remembered villains in the series.

–Gladis Monteiro