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Seven Sidekicks on TV We Love

We watch a TV series for an awesome plot; one that can be explored deeper than a movie, which makes it even more entertaining. Also, because we love the characters and watching them battle everyday situations help us tackle our own. We watch them for the lead characters who set character/fashion/career goals. We also watch them for the beta heroes who we fondly call sidekicks to the leads. In some series they only remain that, a sidekick whereas sometimes they manage to garner more appreciation than the leads and they become the reason we stick with the show. They are the ones with minimal drama and tragedies happening to them. That’s what makes them more convincing and relatable to the audience. There are a variety of reasons why a sidekick would be so popular. They include the characterization, the memorable dialogues and most of the times the actors who bring the character to life and give it so much appreciation. Here’s our list of our favorite TV sidekicks.

Barney – The Flintstones

Sidekick - BookMyShowYes, we know you might think about the other Barney who is also a well-deserving candidate to the list. But for this one, we are stepping back into the Stone Age. He was the neighbor of the lead couple and had his own family. He was often heard agreeing with whatever Fred said and that led to his character not developing completely. He is that neighbor who is the one-stop-shop for all the get-rich-quickly schemes which will always flop. His Jersey accent and eccentric nature provided a foil to Fred and a lot of entertainment to us.

Robin – Batman TV Series

Sidekick - BookMyShowWhile everyone wants to be Batman (if given a choice, you would too). Robin is easily the popular character who is remembered from the series. Robin has always been a reliable sidekick when it came to the comics and the partnership of Batman and Robin is everything that screams goals. Played by Burt Ward, his habit of exclaiming "Holy (insert noun here)" for every situation is still found very comical and is a big part of American vernacular. For example, he exclaimed “Holy Graf Zeppelin!” when he saw an aerial balloon.

John Watson – Sherlock

Sidekick - BookMyShowLet his silent nature and limp not fool you. He packs a punch and he knows how to use a gun. He is everything Sherlock Holmes is not and that’s what makes him special. It is not an easy task to be with someone like Sherlock. He not just lives with him but also keeps him grounded. If it wasn't for his penchant for recording their adventures in writing, we would not have the adventures of Sherlock Holmes the way we know it now. In the series, Martin Freeman matches Benedict Cumberbatch when it comes to performance and it wouldn’t seem complete if if weren't him.

Al Borland – Home Improvement

Sidekick - BookMyShowDo you have that one friend who inadvertently messes things up and you are always there to quickly fix things but in the end the credit always goes to your friend? Well, you are Al Borland to your friend. He co-hosts Tool Time with Tim (Tim Allen) and is the knight in shining armor to him. Tim is the star of Tool Time and Home Improvement but Al is the one who does all the work. Tim’s knowledge about tools is not lacking but he has a habit of not using them correctly. He is quick to take credit for all the help that Al provides him though, which will surely leave you in splits.

Dwight Schrute – The Office

Sidekick - BookMyShowPlayed by Rainnn Wilson, Dwight Schrute is that person in the office who loves authority but lacks some social skills. He is also that gullible person you can manipulate to do your bidding. This character has been appreciated greatly and is one of the most popular characters of the show. The top-salesman at the firm, Dwight has a special place in our hearts.

Turk – Scrubs

Sidekick - BookMyShowJ.D. is a "little married" to him and Turk carries the title of Chocolate Bear with pride. Apart from this bromance with J.D., he has also managed to become a surgeon, marry his sweetheart (who loves him a little less than J.D.) and have a happy family. These things might get overlooked when we watch the series but this sidekick actually has it all. The bromance is just too adorable to ignore.

Mozzie – White Collar

Sidekick - BookMyShowSomeone who doesn’t believe in the system and prefers to stay under the radar at the same time, spouting out conspiracy theories while sipping wine is Mozzie for you. He is Neal Caffrey’s friend and he definitely doesn’t work for him. His ability to utter the perfect quotes for the situation will make you want to read all there is to be like him. He is well-versed with the art of con and his interactions with the FBI (suits) are hilarious and make us want more of him.
We conclude our list here. Tell us your favorites in the comments below and don’t forget to share.