Will Sunil Grover And Kapil Sharma Patch Up?

When two of the most popular comedians of the country fight, the nation gets curious. The recent Kapil Sharma-Sunil Grover tiff has taken over the social media.This, however, isn't the first time the duo has had a fight. Back in 2013, Grover had walked out of the show when a pay hike was denied. Grover did start his own show but it did not seem to work well. TRPs of Comedy Nights with Kapil fell during the said period and it was only when the two amicably sorted their issues and Grover made a comeback, that the show came back on track.

Later, there were also reports of Kapil Sharma refusing to promote Sunil Grover's film on his show. However, Sunil revealed that Sharma had nothing to do with the film not being promoted on the show.

As for the recent tiff, it is the tweet exchange between the two that actually left so many of us curious about what exactly transpired between the two.

Reports suggest that a drunk Kapil Sharma started hurling abuses at a team member when Sunil Grover stepped up to calm Sharma down. Things became ugly as Sharma then got involved in a war of words with Grover. Some sources even claim that Sharma hit Grover in a fit of rage.

When this news broke out, it was Sharma who took to social media to maintain that the fight with Grover was a personal matter and that media shouldn't intervene.
Kapil Sharma - BookMyShow

A few hours later, he issued an apology to Sunil Grover.Kapil Sharma - BookMyShow

Grover, on his part, issued a statement in which he made it clear that he was in no mood to back down and sort the matter.
Sunil Grover - BookMyShow

While Grover’s tone seemed tough, Sharma seemed to downplay the matter.

When a publication checked with Kapil if the actor is indeed quitting the show, Kapil replied, “No…I will talk to him and will let you know.” The comedian shot for an episode on Monday along with the team other than Grover. While Kapil’s team kept on asserting that Sunil will join the shoot, he never showed up. Kapil, it seems has not given up. After wrapping up the shoot on Monday, Kapil tweeted that he missed Sunil.
Sunil - BookMyShow

In the past, the two have worked together as a team despite differences. And it was actually teamwork that ensured the success of their show. Which is why Sunil Grover's walking out from the show may actually affect the TRPs.

Do you think the two will patch up this time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.