Throwback Thursday: 5 Theories That Will Ruin Your Favorite Cartoons

Whenever we look at our childhood, we do so with great nostalgia and happiness that reminds us of those careless fun days, where the greatest worry was passing in the examinations. Then there are also moments that make you cringe like the various performances you had to do for the uncles and aunties or things you said in your innocent glory, which are super embarrassing. You will agree with us when we say that the cartoons that we saw were the highlight of our childhood. It is one such topic which can still start long conversations and discussions with our peers. These discussions often lead to harmless fun theories like Professor Utonium and Samurai Jack were the same people because they had the same face. But sometimes with the cynicism that adulthood brings with it, some theories might end up ruining your favorite cartoon. We have listed some of them out for you. Please proceed with caution.

The Simpsons
Cartoons - BookMyShowIn an ideal world, we would like to live a life like Homer Simpson. A popular theory that is floating around is that the town of Springfield is trapped in a hyper-cube where the people stop aging. This explains why the kids never seem to age nor do the people of the town. Although when the family visits Italy, they meet Sideshow Bob who has a son older than Maggie and yet Bart remains 10. This proves that the world outside Springfield continues its course but inside, the time stops.

Cartoons - BookMyShowA theory that was even alluded to in one of the comic strips is that Garfield is alone in the house and is starving. He escapes to his world of imagination where Jon and Odie are to make himself feel better. That is why usually he doesn't leave his room. If this is true, this definitely explains Garfield's constant hunger and laziness.

Wile E. Coyote
Cartoons - BookMyShowWe enjoyed Wile E. Coyote's grand plans to trap the Road Runner and the failure that followed as each trap blew in his face. One popular theory that is floating around is that Wile E. Coyote is in hell and he keeps living his last day over and over again each time trying to do it differently but ending up dying again. If this were to be true, this is surely not something that is suitable for children.

Inspector Gadget
Cartoons - BookMyShowWe all loved Inspector Gadget. But what if he wasn't the real one. According to a popular fan theory, Dr. Claw is actually the real Inspector Gadget while the one we see is merely a robotic recreation. We never see Dr. Claw's face during the course of the series. Also, Penny seems to have created the robotic Inspector Gadget because she thought she had lost her uncle. This certainly adds a new twist to the things.

Captain Planet
Cartoons - BookMyShowGaia didn't just recruit the Planeteers. She apparently brainwashed them as kids into loving the planet. And there is a series based on that too – The Magic Schoolbus where see a kid version of familiar teens learning about the planet. Also, there are some resisted the brainwashing and in turn became the villains, which the Planeteers fought. If that were true, it would change everything.

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