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Throwback Thursday: Meet the Indian TV Superheroes

The idea of superheroes has managed to inspire generations of children to do good and be like their favorite superhero. With the increasing appreciation for pop culture, there have been various adaptations of these superheroes and they have been successful in spreading the message across the globe. Closer to home, we now see a lot of superheroes emerging on the big screen and between the pages. 90’s and the 2000’s kids might remember some of the superheroes who graced the small screen. Those serials might seem really childish to some, but there was a time when we used to be inspired by them and wished to follow their footsteps. 

Captain Vyom

Indian TV Superheroes - BookMyShowPlayed by Milind Soman (yes, you get to see Milind Soman as a superhero), Captain Vyom’s story is set in the year 2220, where humans have taken over the solar system and have established space stations over the other planets. He gets his powers with the help of Yoga and embarks on a mission with his team members to recapture 12 escaped prisoners.

Admist the criticism floating around regarding the quality of Indian television, watching a gem like this can restore your faith.


Indian TV Superheroes - BookMyShowShaktimaan has managed to stay a household name much after it went off-air. Mukesh Khanna, the actor who played Shaktimaan has been synonymous with the superhero. Shaktimaan might be considered an Indian version of Superman, except that he has the power to control the five elements. His alter ego, Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri, is a photographer for the newspaper, Aaj Ki Aawaz.


Indian TV Superheroes - BookMyShowAnother superhero played by Mukesh Khanna, making him one of the few who get to play more than one superhero in their lifetime. This story is set in a galaxy far far away (you heard that right). It might be inspired by a similar Hollywood version of the story but that doesn’t make it any less special.


Indian TV Superheroes - BookMyShowJoy, an ordinary school boy, is bestowed with powers from Durga Maa to help combat evil on earth. This series was our favorite pass time when we came back from school. It was entertaining to watch the adventures of Joy and the powers he gained by having some bhakti. The tagline of the series was Bhakti hi Shakti Hai.


Bongo was created by Rajiv Chilaka, who is also the creator of Chota Bheem. Bongo was a TV series about an alien living with a young boy and their adventures. This was also the first series to be part animated. You can check out some videos on YouTube to know how amazing this show was.

Chacha Chaudhary

Indian TV Superheroes - BookMyShowIf anyone has an ability to be faster than a computer and uses that ability to help people, deserves to be on the superhero list. We also have Sabu from the planet Jupiter, who has superhuman strength.

There are new things you can learn while walking down the memory lane. Tell us about your journey in the comments below and don’t forget to share.