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Tommy Chong’s Most Stoned Moments from That ’70s Show

It’s Tommy Chong’s birthday next week, man! The guy is turning 79 this year. That’s a big number, man! He must have a big party with balloons, and cake, and…” Alright, you get the point.

You probably remember Tommy Chong from the famous Cheech and Chong series. They were the first movies made for potheads, before James Franco and Seth Rogen came  along. Some of you ‘90s kids might even have seen him on That ‘70s Show, where he played the character of the hippie, Leo. Tommy Chong was one of the funniest people on the comedy series, which also starred Ashton KutcherMila KunisLaura PreponTopher GraceWilmer Valderrama, and Danny Masterson. Here are some of his highest best moments on the show:


When he got high and hired the ‘idea man’

Leo offered Hyde a job and then opted to work for him instead. We’re not even sure who put him in charge of the store. Probably someone as who was as stoned as him.  


When he got high and carried a bag of dog food

Remember the time Leo carried dog food instead of his stash? We wonder what he left in the dog bowl. Actually, we shudder to think about it.


When he got high and had twins

Who knew board games could be so much fun? When Leo started playing the Game of Life, he thought it was better than real life. What a bummer, man!


When he got high and met God on a bus

Once Leo met God on a bus, who told him the meaning of life and gave him a pretzel. Too bad he didn’t write the advice down. But the pretzel was great.


When he got high and thought he was black

Who would anyone dump a guy as cool as Leo? Only someone who would have an issue with him being black. Not that Leo wants to date racists anyway.


When he got high and thought he was Chinese

Not only does Leo think he’s black, he is also Chinese. And a pretty good foosball player too. He’s a complete package!


When he got high and went to Canada

Leo tags along on a trip to Canada with the boys, but wants nothing to do with beer. Booze messes with your head, and is best avoided.


When he got high and sold his car

Leo was pleasantly surprised when he found a brand new car in his garage. No one knows when he bought it but he’s ready to give it up for free.


Wish Tommy Chong on the 24th of May. Or you can just celebrate by getting really high, man!