We Indians are so engrossed in the Bollywood mania that we often forget that the idiot box sitting in our drawing room can also provide some solid and importantly meaningful entertainment to us. No I am not talking about the legendary daily soaps; they are neither meaningful nor entertaining. There are some Television series that leave a lasting impression on its viewers and long after they complete their run we wish that they do come back one more time.


Here are Top 5 must watch television series
1.I shouldn’t be Alive
This series is sure to make you stick to your couch and keep your adrenaline pumping, move over Man Vs Wild that is staged; this series based on real life incidents tests the very limit of human survival. The series has been shot so well that you can literally feel every emotion that the survivor goes through. Watch this for unbelievable stories, brilliant shots and above all the triumph of human endeavors.
2.Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai
Widely regarded as the best comedy and satirical television series in India, this show will literally make you ROFL. Such profound is the impact of every character and their comic timings that no matter how many repeats you watch they are bound to crack you with genuinely loud laughter’s. The best part about this show is the quality of jokes and how they find fun even in the simplest of things. If you have not watched it yet, do yourself a favor and don’t miss this.
3.Talespin (Disney)
90’s kids will surely relate to this name. Has to be one of the simplest yet loving cartoon series on television. Though it is incredibly difficult to take a pick from such amazing Disney shows, this one takes the cake primarily because of its central character, Balu. You watch him on screen and you are assured of a wide smile with the way he talks and pilots that famous plane. There is nothing extraordinary about this but then it’s the simplicity and pure joy that bowls you over.
4.Mano ya Namano
Don’t be surprised if the name does not ring bell and you have to try hard to recollect when and where did you hear this. Translated as Believe it or Not was a show that aired on Star One which was hosted by Irfan Khan (The Lunchbox). The show narrated real stories about bizarre and mysterious happenings in various parts of the country. With many actual location shots it almost had a documentary feel to it. Most of the stories are bound to give goose bumps and that cringe feeling. Not to be missed if mysteries are something that intrigues you.
Yes, the ancient Hindu epic is treasure trove of knowledge on life and how to lead it. Often overlooked and not given its due importance, especially by our generation this legendary saga has the potential to change you as an individual; it just needs that right intent and mindset while watching. Immerse yourself in this mythological and brilliantly knitted story, you might just find the answers to the most difficult problems of your life.
By Shreyas Shetty

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