8 TV Theme Songs That You Can Use As Ringtones

We all love watching TV, and many prefer American TV over Indian. Western TV shows are the rage now. At first, F.R.I.E.N.D.S was the most famous American TV show, but the recent popularity of television has people all over the world buzzing. If you don’t watch dramas like Game of ThronesSherlockHow to Get Away with MurderWestworld, and Stranger Things, people might wonder if you’re living under the proverbial rock. Then there are comedy shows like The Big Bang TheoryHow I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, and Modern Family that are watched by scores of people in India. Basically, you need to be glued to the TV if you don't want to miss some quality programming.

And that is not a bad thing. These shows are worth a watch. They have great writing, amazing actors, and even good music. Once you start watching, you realize you are a part of a worldwide fandom. You buy T-shirts that say ‘Winter is Coming’, mugs that have a witty quote by Sherlock, and bobble heads of The Big Bang Theory characters. Now, we bring you a collection of ringtones, which are title tracks of popular shows. Take a look and tell us your favorite in the comments below.



The opening track of this show is catchy and will send sparks flying across every Sherlock fan in the room. Get this to show off your sapiosexual side.


Game of Thrones

StarkTargaryenBaratheon, or Lannister, your loyalty to Game of Thrones must be evident. The title track can serve as a great ringtone and give you goosebumps every time it plays.



The sexiest thing about this crime drama is its opening theme song. Sung by Rodrigo Amarante, even the music without its lyrics makes for a good ringtone.


The Pink Panther

This track is far too familiar, but did you know that it belonged to The Pink Panther series? Get this ringtone and see how every eye in the room turns towards you.


The Walking Dead

If you are a fan of this zombie series, you must get this ringtone. Even the sound of it will send shivers down your spine and keep you on the lookout for ‘walkers’.



The amazing bass line and the minimalistic music make for a great title track and an even better ringtone. Get this one for the nostalgia quotient.


House of Cards

This is everyone’s favorite political drama series, after Scandal. Even the theme song of the show flashes images of The White House into your head.  


Parks and Recreation

Comedy lovers, if you haven’t watched PnR, we feel sorry for you. This is, hands down, the best show created for television ever. You can get its upbeat title song as your ringtone too.


And just for the sake of old times, guess this track. Hint: It would play on Zee TV every night.

If you’re still wondering why you’re shaking in your boots, it’s because the track belongs to the infamous Zee Horror Show. Enjoy the shivers!