What Will Happen in Stranger Things 2

Netflix released a teaser for Stranger Things 2 during the Superbowl on Sunday. Stranger Things was Netflix's biggest original series last year, which catapulted the main cast of kids to the heights of fame. Last season we saw Eleven defeating Demogorgon, Hopper making shady deals with the Hawkins research facility and Will coming back from the upside down. While the teaser is only around 30-second long, it gives us a lot of hints about what we can expect on Stranger Things 2. Here is a breakdown of the teaser and what more you is going to happen in the second season: 

Eleven is alive 
Stranger Things 2 teaser - BookMyShow

The teaser begins with an 80s commercial for Eggos, which we know from season 1, that Eleven is fond of. We hear someone, possibly Mike, shout Eleven. The commercial then cuts to Eleven's face, where we see her opening her eyes. While we already suspected she wasn't gone when we saw Hopper leaving Eggos in the woods, it is good to have an official confirmation. 

More of the 80s
Stranger Things 2 teaser - BookMyShow

This takes place a year after season 1, in the year, 1984. This was also the year Ghostbusters released, so the costumes we see the kids dressed in fits perfectly with the timeline. One of the kids is hidden in the scene, so we don't yet know if it is Will or one of the new characters. 

Stranger Things 2 teaser - BookMyShow

We don't see much of Chief Hopper in the trailer. We see him digging up something with a shovel at dawn or twilight. Another glimpse we get is of him inside what seems to be an attic, right before an explosion takes place. We see a red storm in the window behind him, so it's certain that the other dimension is having more impact on the real world.

Will at Hawkins Lab
Stranger Things 2 teaser - BookMyShow

We see Will with a doctor and his mother in what seems to be the Hawkins National Lab, which was where the dimension to Upside Down opened up last season. It seems odd that they would trust Hawkins enough to go there for what seems to be a check-up, but maybe Will finally 'fessed up to his mother about coughing up slugs from Upside Down and it wasn't a problem the hospital could fix. 

New and improved monster 
Stranger Things 2 teaser - BookMyShow

While the Demogorgon was menacing enough, the new monster puts it to shame. Shown on a backdrop of the red storm, this thing is huge. This might be the Thessalhydra we see the kids battling in the Dungeon and Dragons campaign they play in the ending of the first season. If the parallels between the D&D games and the reality is maintained as it did the last season, the Thessalhydra is going to be defeated.

Fresh faces
Stranger Things 2 teaser - BookMyShow 

Not shown in the teaser, but we already know some new characters that we will be meeting in Stranger Things 2. There is Roman, played by Linnea Berthelsen, a young woman who suffered great loss as a child who doesn't live in Hawkins but is connected the supernatural events in town. Sean Astin will be playing Bob Newby who went to high school with Joyce and Hopper and now manages the town's Radioshack. And lastly, there is Paul Reiser, who is set to play a high-ranking official in charge of cleaning up the events of last year. 

In case you haven't had the chance to watch it yet, here is the teaser for Stranger Things 2.