One of Hollywood’s all-time favorite action heroes who never fails to impress is undoubtedly Liam NeesonWith his gruff voice and exceptional acting skills, he is still on top of his game. Famous for his Taken trilogy, Liam Neeson has brutally killed baddies in his most of his action movies, offering fierce competition to the Game Of Thrones series. It is said that he killed almost 35 people in the first installment of Taken. Before you watch him in Cold Pursuit this weekend, let’s take a look at the most brutal ways he has put his enemies to rest.

Taken – Electrocution

In this movie, retired CIA field operative Bryan Mills (played by Liam Neeson) tracks down his daughter’s abductor Marko. While electrocuting him, Mills finds out that his daughter was sold in the Albanian sex market. Once Marko reveals the buyer’s identity, he is left to die electrocuted.

Kingdom Of Heaven – Swordplay

Although not a meaty role in this movie, being Liam Neeson, he had to go for a kill. He played Baron Godfrey and in one of the action scenes, he chases his attacker and aims the sword right at the back of his head, like the way you would break open a coconut.

Taken 2 – Pinning to a clothing hook

Terrorist Murad Hoxha is now in the picture to avenge his son Marko’s death. When Bryan (Neeson) and Murad confront each other in the climax of the movie, Bryan offers to let him walk if he agrees to return home and ceases his desire for revenge, but realizing that Murad won’t stop, Bryan pins him to a clothes hook. Neat.

Unknown – Mirror attack

Following a deadly accident, Martin (Neeson), a biochemist, loses his memory. In his attempt to find his true identity, one of the assassins hunting for him is stabbed by Neeson with a piece of mirror in his neck.

Darkman – Open manhole

Here, Liam plays a scientist named Dr. Peyton Westlake, who plots revenge against a group of men who burn his face with acid and rig the lab with explosives. Peyton survives and yearns for revenge. One unfortunate victim of Peyton is held up above an open manhole and dies when a car runs over his face.

Liam Neeson is back for more revenge in his upcoming movie, Cold Pursuit. Catch the action thriller this Friday at cinemas near you to see more exciting ways the actor handles his enemies.