Look Who’s Talking: Alia Bhatt

Celebrity daughter. Talented newcomer. Singer. And now, Genius of the Year.

Ever since her debut in 2012, Alia Bhatt has been something of an unstoppable force. Whether they’re talking about her acting chops, good looks or her sense of style, Bollywood buffs can’t get enough of her! And it’s all for good reason. At just 21, the actress has already achieved commercial success, critical acclaim and widespread adoration.

This adoration was further heightened when the actress was featured in AIB’s "Genius of the Year" video last week. In the video, Alia Bhatt addressed her much-ridiculed Koffee With Karan appearance. She simultaneously managed to win over most of her critics. After all, who doesn’t love a good sport?

Last night, Alia appeared on Look Who’s Talking with Niranjan Iyengar, following in the footsteps of Sidharth Malhotra, Karan Johar and Kajol. The young actress spilled the beans on everything; including high heels, her father and of course, her love life.

"I don’t want to be the reason my career falls," said Alia, talking about the hype surrounding her. It’s no secret that she has been the subject of much discussion ever since she first made her way onto the scene. However, she hasn’t let it go to her head. In fact, the starlet specifically spoke about how she tries not to buy into her own hype.

Apart from her family, the young actress has another person keeping her grounded – Karan Johar. Not only does the filmmaker give her career advice, but he also gives her advice about her love life! Alia, who calls Karan her mentor, says that he’s a much more reliable source in such matters. Why? Well, fathers will be fathers. "My father is jealous of my boyfriends," confessed Alia. "He thinks no one is good enough for his daughters!"

Though she did have her candid moments, the actress played coy while discussing her love life. The actress agreed that two good-looking people working in close quarters might be attracted to each other. However, she refused to acknowledge if said attraction had been acted upon. The lovely lady did say that she wouldn’t write someone off just because they were an actor.

When asked about whether or not sparks fly during intimate scenes, Alia said that filming them is anything but intimate. After all, there are only so many sparks that can fly when you have someone directing your every move!

However, she chose not to reveal any more, so she could keep up an element of mystery about herself. Alia had other reasons for keeping her private life private too: She confessed to being too sensitive to see a potential break-up plastered all over the media.

The star also spoke at length about her fears, both rational and irrational.

Alia confessed to having an irrational phobia of various bugs and insects. That doesn’t seem so irrational, right? Wait until you’ve heard about another one of her fears: plants. It’s okay, she doesn’t get it either!

With all this scoop and more, Alia‘s episode on Look Who’s Talking was a delightful watch. If we didn’t already love her so much, the feature would have surely made us a fan!

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