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5 Actors Who Earned an Oscar for Less than 20 Minutes Screen Time

The Oscars have always been a big deal for any actor. Year after year, hundreds of actors outdo themselves to earn a nomination. Getting nominated for an Oscar or winning one may not exactly be the easiest task. However, some actors are just so skilled and hardworking that they do not require the whole film to leave a lasting impression or to satisfy their Oscar-lust. They do it in less that twenty minutes screen time.

In this article, we have listed five such talented actors who have managed to win Oscars for less than twenty minutes of screen time.

Anthony Quinn
Film: Lust For Life
Category: Best Supporting Actor
Year: 1956
Screen Time: 8 minutes

Anthony Quinn - BookMyShow

Beatrice Straight
Film: Network
Category: Best Supporting Actress
Year: 1976
Screen Time: 5 minutes

Beatrice Straight - BookMyShow

Anthony Hopkins
Film: The Silence of the Lambs
Category: Best Actor
Year: 1991
Screen Time: 16 minutes

Anthony Hopkins -- BookMyShow

Judi Dench
Film: Shakespeare In Love
Category: Best Supporting Actress
Year: 1998
Screen Time: 8 minutes

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Anne Hathaway
Film: Les Misérables
Category: Best Supporting Actress
Year: 2012
Screen Time: 15 minutes

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