Born into a family of seasoned artists like Shivakumar and Suriya, Karthi Sivakumar had big shoes to fill. But the actor has made his mark in the Tamil film industry earning both commercial and critical success. Born on 25th May 1977, Karthi is one of our favorite actors and these are six performances we love the most. It was difficult but we listed them out for you.

Paruthiveeran (2007)

Karthi in his debut plays a brash young villager who falls in love with a young girl (Priya Mani) after saving her life. Unfortunately, their families vehemently oppose their union causing them to elope which leads to dire consequences. Karthi has a raw and confident energy and makes an impressive foray into the industry.

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Madras (2014)

In Madras, Kaali an earnest footballer played by Karthi and his friend Anbu (Kalaiyarasan) who envisions a career in politics, get involved in an imbroglio between two factions of a political party on account of a wall. It is a strong yet sensitive portrayal by the actor and he proves the pedigree he hails from.

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Thambi (2019)

Teaming up with his real-life sister in law Jyothika, Karthi plays Saravanan who returns to reunite with his sister after 15 years only to realise that he is the target of a killer. Equally comfortable in the emotional and action scenes Karthi gives a competent performance while also sharing facile chemistry with his co-star.

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Thozha (2016)

In Thozha Karthi plays an affable convict on parole who forms an unlikely bond with a rich quadriplegic entrepreneur when he is appointed as his caretaker. The actor invests a sincerity and honesty to the role which was appreciated by critics and viewers alike.

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Kaithi (2019)

As a released convict hoping to reunite with his daughter, Dilli ( Karthi ) gets embroiled in a high stakes chase between cops and drug dealers. This is a role that showcased Karthi’s all-round versatility as an actor and gave him a very recognisable and interesting character to portray. The role won him a lot of praise.

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Theeran Adhigaram Ondru (2017)

In Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru, Karthi plays a righteous police officer who faces many hardships in his attempt to track down a dangerous mobster who leaves a battlefield of corpses all over the country’s highways. In this classic cops and robbers action drama, Karthi is intense and slips into the role of a police officer with ease.

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Enjoy streaming these performances of Karthi and check this space for more recommendations.

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