Taapsee and Swara Tell You How To Manage Your Cleavage

While most of us were busy sending out Women's Day wishes, B-town actors Taapsee Pannu and Swara Bhaskar had an insightful message to give. The video titled How Much Cleavage is Good Cleavage is creating quite the buzz. In the three-minute video, which has gone viral, the duo talks of how a woman should manage her cleavage depending on where she is located. Whether it is the work place, the gym, a party or a crowded place, they have covered all kinds of situations and the perfect neckline for each.

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In the office, a woman should wear a collar bone high neck or a turtle neck. Perhaps, even strangle herself because the workplace is not the place to flaunt one's body.

As for the gym – where there is already so much pressure of losing weight, Taapsee suggests, a woman must wear a safari neck. Keeping the sarcasm quotient high, Swara adds, "Because there will be men in the gym and you have to watch your assets, after all, you are working so hard on your body to cover it all up."

When at a crowded place, Swara suggests one should wear a polo neck, even if it's summer. This will prevent men from getting any ideas.

In the club, the actors tell all the ladies to "scarf it up or wear your mummy's, daadi's shawl". It could perhaps just be the start of a new trend.

Coming to the most important day of a woman's life – her wedding, the duo tells ladies to cover it all up because log kya sochenge and sasural wale kya sochenge. One would obviously not want to have a disturbed married life.

By the end of the video, the actors reveal the main objective of the video with a reminder- "We are women, we are born with it. If you have it, then flaunt it. God must have put some amount of thought into it when he created us. What other people think about it, is not our problem, it is His."

They add, "Big, small, different sizes, loose, tight, whatever. It's ours and it's our right to celebrate it."
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If you have doubts about your neckline and believe it to be a cause of your safety or the lack of it, watch the video now!