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Throwback Thursday: 4 Reasons Zohra Sehgal is Legendary

Zohra Sehgal is a name that represents a lot of things. Out of her 102 years, she has dedicated about 60 of them to the profession of entertainment. She is a world-renowned dancer, actress, and choreographer. But apart from all of that, she was also a legend who is an inspiration to all the women. She was a part of pre-independent India and she completed her college studies in Lahore. She also received an admission into Mary Wigman's ballet school in Dresden, Germany. She was the first Indian to do so. She fell in love with the art form of dance when she first saw a performance by Uday Shankar's troupe and promptly joined the troupe, traveling all over the globe with them.
But dance was not her only love. She also found her husband while she was teaching at Uday Shankar's academy and the duo migrated to Lahore to open their own dance an institute named
Zoresh Dance Institute. Post-partition, they came to Bombay and that's when Zohra Sehgal started her acting stint with plays. She was a regular performer at Prithvi
theatre. Her foray into film came soon after and with movies like Neecha Nagar. Her list of achievements doesn't end here. Here are some reasons why she is a legend.

She chose career over everything
A move, which much appreciated now, was something she did in an era where it was frowned upon. From her dance institutes to her acting, she did not once take a break. Even when she was a nonagenarian we saw her in movies like Cheeni Kum and Saawariya.

Zohra Sehgal - BookMyShow From Prithviraj Kapoor to Ranbir Kapoor
We know that when it comes to filmy royalty, this family is the one that rules. Zohra perhaps is the only person who has shared screen space with the first Kapoor of Bollywood to the latest one in the line. This is certainly no minor achievement.

International work
After the death of her husband, she moved to London where she worked for British Television. She also appeared in a few Doctor Who episodes that are unfortunately lost. She was also an anchor on the BBC TV series Padosi. She was also a part of the critically-acclaimed docu-drama The Courtesans of Bombay. She is perhaps among the first Indians to be popular worldwide.

Her love for dance
She started her career with dancing and she never gave it up. Even when she was not dancing on stage, she was running a dance institute or she was choreographing for movies. 

Zohra Sehgal is also a recipient of Padma Vibhushan, which is the highest civilian award for her contribution to the field of art. On her birth anniversary, we remember her fondly for the inspiration her life gives us.