Throwback Thursday: 7 Celeb Auditions You Have Not Seen

The path to stardom is full of struggles. Not all actors are born perfect; they learn the skills on the job. There is a lot of difference between the actor's performance in the first movie and the latest one. If and when you get your hands on early audition tapes of some actors, you'll notice the growth of the person as an individual. It is obvious why these tapes are not released unless they are really popular. 

If you are a filmy buff it is always fun to see these men and women before they were stars, to see what led them to being accepted to play those iconic roles. There is also a difference between what the auditions looked like and how we actually saw them in the movie.

Here are a few fun audition tapes of your favorite stars you might enjoy:

Daniel Radcliffe for Harry Potter
Daniel looks more adorable than he did in the movies as he is full of smiles. The weight of his reel troubles certainly aged the young actor since we first saw him in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone but looking at this there was no way anybody else was getting the part.

Hugh Jackman for Wolverine
The actor has made this character iconic with his brilliant performance which will be remembered for years to come. This year he hangs his claws and it is amazing to see the transformation the actor has gone through from the time he picked up the mantle.

Shah Rukh Khan for Swades
Swades is one of the actor's best works. The movie had a soul of its own. We have seen the Baadshah of Romance wooing women over the years but we haven't seen him auditioning for a role like this.

Omi Vaidya for 3 Idiots
It is unheard of that an audition can introduce a new character into the movie. Omi who auditioned for Raju's role in 3 Idiots, impressed the makers so much that they created the character Chatur just for him.

Alia Bhatt for Student of the Year
Alia has proved time and again that she has some serious skills when it comes to acting. But has it always been so? Watch this video and find out.

Robert De Niro for The Godfather
Although De Niro  lost this part to James Caan in the first movie. Based on this audition, he was called back to play Vito Corleone and he went on to win an Academy Award for the same.

Salman Khan for Maine Pyaar Kiya
His stardom transcends the procedure of auditions now. That wasn't always the case though. Watch this video of him auditioning for the movie he found stardom with.

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