Which Bollywood Celebrity Will Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

new year has begun and we understand that it is too soon to be pessimistic about it. But really, with all the terrible things happening in the world today, you do feel that the end is closer than expected. Even if you do somehow manage to disconnect yourself from all the bad news, you unknowingly stumble upon some old prophecies about how and when the world is going to end, which get circulated a lot over the internet during this time of the year. When you read these predictions, you know that if the world news doesn’t mess with your head, these very surely will.

Now, let’s paint a picture. What if the world actually gets destroyed due with the nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in the future, in the God-forbid event of a global war – World War III, if you will, which causes a zombie apocalypse (a typical The Walking Dead situation), what do you think will happen? Who do you think will survive? Do Bollywood celebrities stand a chance of survival? Here's our take on some morbid fun.

To find that out, you can take this poll and vote for celebrities you feel will survive this zombie apocalypse.

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