The entertainment industry is huge and with the fresh new faces that are coming in, the count is just increasing. While, on one hand, we get to see a pair repeatedly work together due to their rising popularity and demand of being seeing together more, on the other, there are many actors who haven't worked together even once. Yes, it's totally understandable that with the growing number of artists, it isn't possible for every actor to work with all the others. We bring to you five such pairs who we have not managed  to share screen space even once in their career span. Which ones? Let's have a look.

Deepika Padukone – Salman Khan
Celebs - BookMyShowAfter the huge fight that took place in 2008 between Shahrukh and Salman, we heard rumors about Deepika denying to work with Salman in any movie. Well, let's just hope they are all false.

Sonakshi Sinha – Ranbir Kapoor
Celebs - BookMyShowRanbir, from what we know, refused to romance Sonakshi as he feels the latter looks older than him and he wouldn't be comfortable. Umm, what is Aishwariya Rai's age again?

Katrina Kaif – Ranveer Singh
Celebs - BookMyShowThe nautanki king and the Dancing Queen would make a fantastic pair on screen, if given a chance. Though they haven't shared screen space yet, we hope to see them working together someday. 

Alia Bhatt – Salman Khan
Celebs - BookMyShowWhile the news of an Alia and Shahrukh starrer film are doing the rounds, we wonder as to why is there no Alia and Salman film being made too?

Sonam Kapoor – Saif Ali Khan
Celebs - BookMyShowIf you were to notice, Deepika and Sonam made their debut together and while Deepika has worked with Saif in a number of movies and their chemistry has been praised, there has still not been a Sonam and Saif starrer.

These are just a few to name. Which actors do you want to see together? Comment below and let us know!