Every time I see Salman Khan making a serious face and talking about how Revital helped him, I laugh uncontrollably. I laugh about how for a huge sum of money, Salman Khan, the superstar is blatantly fooling his fans into believing that it’s actually Revital that helps him. I don’t intend to ridicule the product but only because Salman Khan endorses it makes it all the more difficult for me to believe that it’s a good product.


There are couple more super celebs that continue to amuse me with the various products that they endorse, for e.g. Ranbir Kapoor.


Kapoor is a fairly talented and balanced actor, who has delivered laudable performances in films like Rockstar, Barfi, Wake Up Sid and many more, along with a few passable performances. But whenever I watch him ape college students and spastically hold a Pepsi can in his hand, I laugh and laugh. I quite enjoy watching him look like a complete idiot in those advertisements. But why blame him, there are a lot more, who’ve succumbed to this greed.
Maggi Noodles

Call me a cynic, but the amount of sugar that Amitabh Bachchan pours with every word uttered in the Maggi Noodle advertisements might end up giving viewers not just diabetes but gangrene.
It’s ridiculous that Mr.Bachchan has been made the face of Maggi Noodles, a food product that’s certainly unhealthy for a man of his age. But to hell with logic and common sense. With due respect to the man, he sure has earned enough and more for generations of Bachcnans to come.
Fair and Lovely for Men
I thought of ridiculing SRK for endorsing Emami Fair and Handsome, but he seems apt to sell this product as he’s always been open about his feminine side. As I was watching SRK in the Emami advertisement, I got distracted, owing to my acute attention span and remembered the "manly" and word-abusing, Virat Kohli endorsing Fair and Lovely for men. The only image that springs up in my mind when I think of  "fair and lovely" Virat, is that of him prancing in a field of flowers, wearing a frock. On the one hand Mr.Kohli has created an image of himself as being the toughest and rudest player on the field and on the other hand he expects his fans to accept a "fair and lovely" image of himself. His terrible screen presence only adds to this tragedy.
Kurkure Desi Beats and Mango Slice
It’s funny how two women, that sport the famous size zero figure, go about promoting fat inducing products like Mango Slice(Katrina Kaif) and Kurkure(Kareena Kapoor). I’m sure that it’s a treat for men to watch Katrina slurp all that Mango Juice but hey what’s the idea you’re trying to sell here? Slice is going to be great for your sex life? I believe that Kat is only following the footsteps of her mentor, Salman Khan who follows a punishing fitness regime and then goes about selling Mountain Dew.
Branding means big money. A single endorsement assignment can grant these celebs a minimum of 10 crores rupees. So now you know why principles, logic, and common sense take a beating here. 

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