Verdict: Big Johnson and little Hart’s chemistry brings a laugh, a minute! 

Robbie Weirdicht, an obese senior in high school, is made victim of a mean prank. The bullies are a group of batch-mates. They throw him butt-naked in front of the school’s pep rally – a room full of students and teachers. The only person who comes to his rescue is the homecoming star of the school, the "Golden Jet" Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart). 
Central Intelligence - Film Review
Fast-forward twenty years and the obese boy has transformed into Bob Stone (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) – a bulky, seven-footer working with the CIA! Meanwhile, the Golden Jet is now working as an accountant. He is good at his job, but pines for his glorious ‘high school’ days. Calvin Joyner is married to his high school sweetheart Maggie (Danielle Nicolet) but he isn’t happy; the class of 1996 reunion is coming up and Calvin is dreading it.  

Bob and Calvin fix a catch-up after 20 years, and Calvin is shocked to see that Robbie is no longer the same guy. He is Bob Stone now, and he is 200 pounds lighter! Bob seems to be almost perfect, if you ignore the knee-length shorts, the unicorn T-shirt and the fanny pack (yes, there’s a fanny pack!). As the plot moves along, you realize that Bob has come into Calvin’s life for a special purpose related to his high-risk job. Together, they engage in some life-threatening sequences and a few hilarious chases. But is the CIA operative on a mission, or is he committing treason? 

The contrast between the massive Johnson and diminutive Hart is funny as hell. Their chemistry is incredible. Hart’s comic timing is smooth and will make you roll with laughter. Johnson’s action sequences are brilliant. But the actors haven’t been restricted to their specialty. You get glimpses of Hart’s action and Jonhson’s comic brilliance, and that is what makes the film truly hilarious. Supporting performances by Amy Ryan who plays Agent Pamela Harris, Aaron Paul who plays Bob’s ex-partner Phil, and Danielle Nicolet are also great and add to the film’s appeal.  

Why You Should Watch This Movie: 
Watch Central Intelligence for The Rock’s insane action moves and Kevin Hart’s comic mastery. Watch it if you want to laugh your heart out, this weekend!