`Salman Bhai is Salman Bhai!` – His fans.

Be it the wayward cop Chulbul Pandey or Devi Lal Singh a.k.a Devil, Salman Khan is the last word as the 'hero' of a story; whether it is the 'Prem' phase, Robinhood Pandey, an undercover agent and a Bajrangbali Bhakt recently. No matter how many movies feature him or the roles he plays, the audience can't get enough of Salman Khan.

Now that he is trying his hand in breaking the typecast and there are sources revealing that he may play antagonists in some of the movies ahead, here is a list of characters (or request of characters from his fans) for him to refer to while choosing his next venture –

Captain Jack Sparrow
Salman Khan alongside Jack Sparrow - BookMyShow
It will be interesting to watch him using his wit and negotiation skills instead of knock-out sessions. Bhai playing Lord (let's just ignore the word Pirate for a while), Captain of Black Pearl, a skilled swordsman who can be treacherous at times (all the time actually), who is also funny and likes to drink rum ("Humka Peeni Hai" playing in the background). Woah! That's what we want!

Salman Khan alongside Superman - BookMyShow
The bhaiyon ka bhai playing Superman would make the entire world feel safe at the same time. Because unlike Clark, he would be able to hear every girl in trouble, he'll save all of them with his super powers, spreading the feeling of equality amongst them. Hence, world peace! (Plus nobody would want to go against a super brother saving all his sisters, so no Batman vs Superman.)

His Own Fan
Salman as his own fan - BookMyShow
After watching SRK playing his fan's character better than his own, who wouldn't want to see how Sallu Bhai would play a role like that. Nobody says anything against him; so no creepy stalker game, only love, smiles and charity. Again, world peace.

Piedpiper/Pan Piper
Salman Khan alongside Pied Piper - BookMyShow
He can make girls swoon over him, it will be a great treat watching him lure those rats. Though it's hard to imagine him getting rid of a ''problem'' without any action sequence, but still.

Salman alongside King Leonidas 300 - BookMyShow
He has the perfect body to be the leader of those 300. Or he could fight alone. There would be less tragedies in the movie and a happy ending will be ensured. Then, Salman doesn't even need to make an effort to remove his shirt because he won't be wearing any.

Salman and Arnold - BookMyShow
Bhai can't die scenes! Ummm…Yay!

While fans will keep asking for more, here is good luck (not that he needs it) for him taking up experimental roles going forward.
Good Luck Salman! <3