Weekends are fun… er… says who? If you too fall in the category of a married (/unmarried) woman with a dull spouse who likes slouching on the couch with a tub of Popcorn (/chips) and slurps beer while watching a game of cricket/football/rugby or whatever that interests him, and you whine about how ignorant he is about you, then you are amongst those whose weekends aren’t fun at all!

He (your better half) believes he has more interesting stuff to do rather than entertain you with all the lovey-dovey talks. But, hey, we aren’t idle. If an Xbox or an action-flick is the muse of our spouses then we too have our share of things that are much interesting than his crestfallen face. Of course, we love our better-halves, but not when it comes to combating with their ignorance!

Get-togethers happen to be usual for any girl, but there is more to all the kitty parties, slumber parties, pyjama parties and girls’ night outs. Lonesome souls, we like to take solace in entertainment much like the other bipedal species, and we do it with a chic twist.

These films with a chic dap are a toast to the solitary and soulful time of women. The chick-flicks we can watch over and over. The films that have proven to be the Chick Flicks for the woman’s soul!

The Prince And Me

We are dreamers. We live in fairytales. There is a practical side to us, but we love to dream. Period. And dreaming of Prince Charming is our birth right. With this film we live the dream of actually getting married to a “Prince”.

Legally Blonde

We are eligible to act blonde (not complete blonde yet…) Legally Blonde! That simply shows how less-impish we are with our innocent minds drooling for goody-goody stuff. Legally Blonde represents us and makes up for a real good film to spend our leisure time cocooned in the warmth of a couch.

Miss Congeniality

They say women can become great spies and it’s proven right. Sandra Bullock plays an FBI special agent who goes on to become Miss Congeniality as well as cracks the case. Reinstilling a feeling of pride in the heart of women, this film will always find space on the hard disk of a woman’s PC.

27 Dresses

Marriage is another dream we treasure. We may not confess it aloud but deep down we all wish for a grandeur wedding and an extravagant reception. This film makes up for that dream, especially, if you have always been a bridesmaid.


Disney sells us dreams; dreams to live in, to watch, to visualise and to reminisce. Enchanted is a film that enthralls us and entices us. An enchantress comes alive, jumping off a fairytale and into real life. Her Prince comes looking for her in our world but does she marry him or the new Prince Charming who teaches her new ways of life?

What Women Want

A mind of a woman is often full of questions, be it related to personal life or professional life. The filmmakers have a soft-spot for women ‘cause they intrude in the minds of women through this film. A heartfelt pain and love emits from the film.

Revenge Of The Bridesmaids

When we are good, we are good, but if we turn bad we are better! Taking revenge against a cruel Bride outlines the story of the film. What lies under the rough surface is a broken heart which is trying to mend itself but the evil Bride wouldn’t let the poor girl be, and so the revenge! A film that teaches us to stand up for ourselves, #respect!

A Cinderella Story

A story which is legen… wait for it… dary… Legendary! Based on the same lines as your usual run-off-the-mill fairytale romance, the story is set in contemporary times. We are self-declared fairytale lovers and this film is our muse.

Pretty Woman

Every woman has feelings and every person ought to respect them, no matter what profession she comes from. Pretty Woman is a film which defines a woman’s heart and soul. We love to watch it over and over.

Maid in Manhattan

Again a fairytale (of sorts) with a happy ending; a senatorial candidate falling for a hotel maid. While watching this film keep your eyes open and your aesthetic value tuned in, for you will see J Lo in some really appealing ensembles.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Based on the novel with the same name, this film is an utter delight to the shopaholic soul in us. Every woman respects this film as it can be helmed as the brand ambassador for all the other products she yearns for (Gucci, D&G, Armani, Lacoste to name a few).

Bridget Jones’s Diary

A diary in which a woman speaks her heart out. Although, not every woman keeps a diary but every woman’s thought process is “almost” the same. The film works for us to give us a relaxing 97-minutes filled with romance and comedy.

The Devil Wears Prada

Prada….that’s an attractive word and it makes up for a great film and novel. This film helps us survive the wrath of our ruthless boss and keeps us up to date with the latest in fashion.

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