Based on Tom Rob Smith’s bestselling novel, CHILD 44 is set in the dwindling years of Joseph Stalin’s role. The film directed by Daniel Espinosa follows the story of Leo Demidov, a secret police agent who goes out on a hunt for a serial killer, but faces obstacle by the government.

Starring top-notch actors like Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Noomi Rapace and Charles Dance, Child 44 attempts for a slick thriller, but ends up on a not-so impressive note.The story unfolds very slowly and somewhat kills the interest of the viewers. The narrative of the film is cluttered and the pace feels choppy. However, the set as well as the production design is immensely good and captures the gloomy and dark atmosphere of Stalin-era Russia quite nicely.

Even though the film is loaded with good actors, it fails to impress. Tom Hardy, of course, looks charming. He gives a good performance overall. But much can’t be said about the Russian accent, which seems a tad annoying at parts. Gary Oldman grounds the film as General Nesterov. It is definitely fun to watch him. The rest of the cast also gives commendable performance. But thanks to the loose script, we lose interest way too soon. And hence proving once again that a book is much better than its movie adaptation.

Why should watch the film?
If you’re a fan of Tom Hardy or enjoy watching crime thriller then you might like this movie. Child 44 also gives us a grim picture of a cold and dreary Stalin-era Soviet Union of the 50s. Something which you shouldn’t miss.