Review: We all have watched mindless movies of Govinda and the likes. Chinese Zodiac is the Jackie Chan version of those kind of movies. The movie’s sequences are showed in such a way that everyone from Govinda to Salman Khan to even the great Rajnikanth would gape in awe.

Chinese Zodiac  is rumored to Jackie Chan’s last action film. The film has been directed, written and produced by Jackie Chan himself. The story revolves around the 12 zodiac heads that were stolen from China and how Jackie Chan tries and recovers all of them (as a mercenary of sorts for his own monetary profits). From the word go the scenes, the sequences and the plot was ridiculous. The audience will find themselves laughing through most of the movie. Not because of the humor (that was absent all over) but because of the atrocities that would probably put the world of movies in blasphemy.

There is nothing really to look forward in the movie. The plot goes haywire, the dialogues are plain dumb, half the movie was in Mandarin and French and the cinematography was mediocre. There are unnecessary comical twists to everything. I mean EVERYTHING! Jackie Chan, post the completion of this movie, now holds the record for performing the most stunts by a living actor. The only saving grace of the movie were few of Jackie Chan’s stunts and fight sequences.

This movie is the kind that would make people laugh only if they are with friends who are looking for cheap thrills or are intoxicated. However, the movie is not boring. It will definitely keep your eyes wide open (most time wondering what the hell is happening).

Verdict: A full nonsense no-brainer of a movie.

Movie Details:

Release Date: Jan 4, 2013

Language: English

Genre: Action, Adventure

Cast: Jackie Chan, Oliver Platt and Laura Weissbecker

Director: Jackie Chan

Length: 2 hrs

Writer: Stanley Tong, Edward Tang, Frankie Chan

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