In the 60s, no one could scare Mumbai’s pavement dwellers as much as Raman Raghav did. The serial killers used to operate at night, going around the city, and killing people with heavy/sharp objects. Better known as Psycho Raman, the man is known to have murdered more than 40 people. Raman's story will now be seen be seen in Anurag Kashyap's latest film, Raman Raghav 2.0. The film premiers at the Cannes Film Festival and will release in India on June 24th. Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays Raman and we can’t wait to see what the actor brings to the character. After all, all these four Bollywood serial killers have managed to scare us with their traits.

Rakesh Mahadkar in Ek Villain

All it took was just a small tiff to anger this simple, middle-class man. After that, he would show up at the person's house, stab them with a screwdriver, and made sure that they had a slow and painful death.

Bob Biswas in Kahaani

This insurance agent looked like he couldn't hurt a fly, but besides his day job, he would kill people to earn some more money. However, he was well-mannered and never forgot to greet a person before killing them. 

Lajja Shankar in Sangharsh

In the hope of gaining immortality, Shankar (Ashutosh Rana) went around killing innocent children. His scream in a particular scene was one of the scariest things in this Akshay KumarPreity Zinta starrer.

Dheeraj Pandey in Murder 2

Dheeraj hated women and killed them, as he felt that they took advantage of men. Being the more menacing among the lot, he tortured his victim until death.