Every child must have enjoyed a bedtime story of the damsel, Cinderella, ill-treated by her malevolent stepmother, who later achieves prosperity and is happily married to a prince owing to the benevolent intervention of a fairy godmother. The fairy tale has been passed down from generation to generation for ages. But Pascal Hérold’s Cinderella 3D is a modern take on the folk tale. Set across the backdrop of the Wild West, the story features a whole new cast of furry and feathery animals with not a single human being on screen. Breaking the tradition, the damsel in distress sweeps into action when Prince Valdimir and the Duchess’s life is in danger.
Originally made in French, titled ‘Cendrillon au Far West’, the movie is about a pig-tailed cow girl, Cinderella nicknamed as ‘Blind Chick’. The Wild West represented by a stretch of desert with few cacti and a city named Felicity city owned by Felicity (Cinderella’s step-mother). Life in the city is mundane until the arrival of Prince Vladimir and his mother, The Duchess. Soon a series of events follow and the leading lady hops into action to rescue the prince’s mother, fighting against a gang of gorilla pirates headed by Captain Barbazul. Notably differing from the classic version, Cinderella 3D has the glass slipper replaced by ‘a missing tooth’ and there is no fairy godmother. Instead there is Little Cloud, an old affectionate shaman to look over Cinderella and help her with his share of magic.
Leaving the story aside, the technical aspects involved had much lower standards considering it’s a classic.The rendering and BG colors though accurate, were not up to expectation. Though the animal characters were human-like, it was unclear ‘who is what’. Say for instance, Cinderella is actually a goat but looked more like a dog with pigtails. The sound design along with the background Mariachi music didn’t fit well with the movie on the whole. In the long 81 minutes, there are precisely three scenes were the 3D effects are felt. Even they are not exceptional. The character combinations are puzzling with no pieces fitting well. For example the pair of a dog (Prince Vladimir) and pig-tailed goat (Cinderella) was way too odd.
This fairytale has been adapted on screen several times but of all the creative screen adaptations, the scope of imagination has gone too wide in this movie. Hence, yet another entry in the animation genre but not a memorable one.
Verdict: On the whole the movie is not as charming as an animated movie is expected to be, but if your child insists on watching it, you can give it a try!
Movie Details:
Release Date: May 31, 2013
Director:  Pascal Hérold
Genre: Animation
Run Time: 1h 21 mins
Language: English
Cast & Crew: Yolande Moreau, Alexandra Lamy, Isabelle Nanty, Antoine de Caunes, Michel Boujenah

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