Ella is reduced to tatters after her father’s death by her evil step mother. Left with only the legacy of kindness and courage, she puts up with her cruel step sisters and all their scheming ways to get her into trouble. Ella is forced to live in the attic and sleep next to the dying embers when the nights get unbearably cold. She is left to the mercy of scraps from the dinner table which Ella promptly serves to the mice in her room. The princess of a glorious childhood, she has to work like a servant maid, always at the service of her stepmother and sisters. Not the one to be backed down by adversity, Ella finds a sliver of hope when all the maidens in the kingdom are invited to the palace ball where the prince is to choose his bride. The entire kingdom is abuzz and the seamstress is drowning in fabric as all the maiden prepare to look their best for the prince. When Cinderella walks down in her mother’s ball gown, ready to go to the palace, her stepmother and sisters tear it down, forbidding her to go to the ball. As she falls down to the floor consumed by sadness and tears, Cinderella’s Godmother finally pays her a much needed visit!

Riding in a Golden carriage, Cinderella goes to the ball dressed in the most beautiful gown the kingdom has ever seen. As he watches her sashay down the stairs, he falls in love with this mysterious princess and asks her for the first dance. They soon leave the ballroom and the prince shows Cinderella his Secret garden. He never gets her name though, because she is up and running out of the palace before the clock strikes midnight lest all is returned to what it once was, leaving her shining glass slipper behind.
This movie is like watching a dream unfold before your very eyes. There couldn’t have been a better Cinderella (Lily James) and there could not have been a more dapper young prince (Richard Madden). Cate Blanchett plays the evil, scheming step mother with such fineness that you’ll find yourself screaming vengeance! Helena Bonham Carter plays Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother and it makes you hate her a little less for Sirius’s death. (You knew a Potter reference was due!)

Why should you watch the film?
When Cinderella asks her stepmother why she’s so cruel, for the first time, you are let into the other side of the story. While that is for you to find out, this may be Disney’s best live-action till date! And if you have forgotten, Cinderella will remind you to be kind, have courage and never give up on your dreams.
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