Food, shelter and clothing are the basic needs of man which drives him to achieve higher goals. In the 21st century, resources are scarce and commodities are too expensive. Survival in cities is extremely difficult for the common man. It has become harder for him to earn a living and be responsible for the people around him.

Welcome to City Lights. This film is directed By Hansal Mehta, whose critically acclaimed film Shahid won him the national award for best direction in 2013. He has created another hard-hitting tale of the dark and murky side of city life. The film features Rajkumar Rao and debutant actress Patralekha.

City Lights is a remake of Bafta nominated film Metro Manila. This is the story of a poor man from Rajasthan who embarks upon a journey to Mumbai in search of a livelihood. The film shows us his struggle for basic survival in the big bad world of Mumbai. Here people invest a lifetime in chasing their basic amenities.

Going by the trailer of the film, it appears that the screenplay is fast and gripping. It takes you on a journey. Everyone can connect with the story of struggle, shattered dreams and hope that keeps them alive. With the movie being set in Mumbai, the story takes a dramatic turn. Watching it will remind you of all the earlier films made on the struggle of the common man. Right from Coolie to Dhobi Ghat to Bombay Talkies, the film works on this basic outline but don’t expect it to be just like any other film.

We get to see the life and hardships of a farmer. Along with his wife, he hopes to make a living in the city. Life in the city is fraught with danger, filled with characters who are ruthless and merciless. On a touching note, it is also a story of a family. The trailer depicts the unconditional love between these two leading actors. There is conflict created by different characters whose motives are devious and hidden from plain view. This story will amaze you with its honesty.

The film’s music is melodious and will create a connection with anyone who listens to it. With vocals from Arijit and Jeet Ganguly, the soundtrack has soulful songs which are ready to be added to your playlist.   

Watch the trailer and see for yourself.

 City Lights, which releases on May 30th, 2014, is produced by Mukesh Bhatt.

By Sourav Chandgothia 

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