If you clicked on this, we believe you are brave. Brave enough to read this. Brave enough to watch the videos listed below. Before you proceed, here’s a warning. You are going to step into the world of foreboding and disturbing horror cinema. But beware, don’t watch these before bed time. Or alone. Maybe you can switch off the lights, but do check the doors, the dark corners of your room and yes, under the bed. Once you are all set, plug in your earphones and click the play button.

Here are six short films that will definitely freak you out! Not for the faint-hearted.

Lights Out

Next time you switch off the lights, DO NOT look back. Evil lurks everywhere. Especially in the dark corridors.

The Cat with Hands

Cats are no longer cute, are they?



A picture is worth a thousand words.

Lot 254

So, you like vintage, huh?

Attic Panic

Attic – one of the scariest place on earth, right after the Internet.


Who’s that next to you?

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