A space where shoes aren’t thrown across the floor. A space where hats have their own walls, and sunglasses have their own racks. A space with more fancy furniture than we have in our entire houses combined. Sounds like an extravagant heaven, doesn’t it? We’re talking about celebrity closets — one of the many perks of being rich and famous. And when you are a B-town fashionista and everyone has their eyes on you, there’s a whole lot of pressure. So a lot of work goes into compiling and organizing pieces for a celeb closet.

So we know what our celebs must feel about their closets, but what do the closets feel about their celeb owners? We pick 3 stylish women and take a look at what’s inside their closet and also, what their closets have to say about them.

Sonam Kapoor’s Closet:

The only thing here that wasn’t imported from Paris Fashion Week is me. You name the designer, I got half their collection right here. But we all know about Sonam’s fixation — I have Elie Saab written all over me. Let’s see, I have Elie Saab  gowns, Elie Saab jackets, Elie Saab bags. For desi days, there’s Anamika Khanna. And of course, Dolce & Gabbana and Dior for lounging around. Three cheers for Sonam! And now three more for Rhea.

P.S.: We don’t do Zara like some people. No high street here, baby, only Haute Couture!

Deepika Padukone’s Closet:

Count on Deepika to look like a Goddess every single time and this, my friends, right here, is where all the magic starts! There’s a lot of texture to be found here. There’s lace, and some more lace, and a whole lot of dresses with sheer panels. You will also find a year’s supply of eyebrow cake powder that usually lasts her a couple months. We have a few footwear issues going on but I’m sure Anaita will come to my rescue if things get out of hand.

*Gold pumps: I’m point-toe and pretty but I need some rest now. She can’t take me out every second day!

Louboutin nude pumps: Hey! I overworked for over 2 years before she found you! Time for the lady to go shoe-shopping.*

Then there are accessories — a whole lot of accessories — that add to Dippy’s glow. Taking a cue from fellow fashionistas with quirks, I have new additions like a pearl maatha patti.

Kangana Ranaut’s Closet

I have all of Burberry and Dior’s collection here, with a little bit of Nikhil Thampi and Manish Arora thrown in. Even the pyjamas are Gucci. Then there are props, err… I mean accessories, for special occasions, like fascinators. I wouldn’t trade places with any other actor’s closet. Kangana is her own woman, and I help her stay just that by meticulously storing all the fancy clothes and shoes she brings back from her foreign trips. Well sometimes, she’s stuck in a rut with the accessories — the nude pumps need to retire — but everything else is spot on, right! By the way, do you like when she straightens her hair? I always tell her I like her natural curls more, but well, a woman like her has got to be versatile.

What do y’all think?


By Apoorva Singh

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