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Comedy Movies To Watch Out For In 2016

Today is International Joke Day, and we’d like to do nothing more than sit back and run a comedy movies marathon. This year has given us some great laughs so far, with some delightfully entertaining flicks like Zootopia and The Angry Birds Movie. Sequels of popular comedy movies were created, like Finding Dory, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, Kung Fu Panda 3, and they were just as funny, if not more, than their prequels.
Now the second half of 2016 is here, and the upcoming comedy releases give us much to hope for. Here are the top 8 films in the comedy space you need to look out for this year:
The Secret Life of Pets
The Secret Life of Pets - BookMyShow
Do you wonder what your pets are up to when you are not at home? The Secret Life of Pets is all about the fun and ditzy lives our pets lead when we are not around. The film, which features some really adorable and furry animals, is made by the creators of Despicable Me. So, get ready for some amusing entertainment this July. Go bananas!
Ghostbusters - BookMyShow
Your favorite adventure comedy of the 80s is back! Ghostbusters has been rebooted for a new generation, bringing back its paranormal fighting heroes with a brand new cast. This time, four women are going to lead the chase for trouble-making specters. Gear up to watch them save the world!
Ice Age: Collision Course
Ice Age: Collision Course - BookMyShow
A new Ice Age movie is set to release this month! It brings back all your favorite characters and more for another epic adventure of survival. The new movie features a series of cosmic events threatening the planet, set off by the squirrel Scrat during the pursuit of his beloved acorn. Do not miss this fun adventure ride as the gang travels to new lands and meets a host of colorful new characters.
Bad Moms
Bad Moms - BookMyShow
A mother is the glue that holds the family together. But when mothers decide to go bad, all hell breaks loose. Watch Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn break out of the ‘good mom’ stereotype, by ditching their responsibilities for long overdue freedom, fun, and self-indulgence. This movie promises to be a laughter riot. Don’t believe us? Just watch the trailer and see for yourself!
War Dogs
War Dogs - BookMyShow
This is the story of two young arms dealers who win a $300 million contract from the Pentagon to arm their allies in Afghanistan. While this sounds like a regular action movie, it stars Miles Teller and Jonah Hill, bringing in their dose of comedy and entertainment. Their journey to Afghanistan and the trouble they get into over there will leave you in splits!
Bridget Jones’s Baby
Bridget Jones’s Baby - BookMyShow
Bridget Jones is back, with her two men. But this time, Patrick Dempsey replaces Hugh Grant in Bridget’s life. To make this more complicated, Bridget finds out she’s pregnant! Now all she needs to do is figure out who the father of the baby is. Catch the adventures of Bridget Jones this September as she enters a new phase of life.
Storks - BookMyShow
Go back to the times when storks used to deliver babies! In this movie, a stork who works in package delivery accidentally activates an old baby-making machine, which produces a human baby. Anxious to fix the situation before anyone finds out, he has to deliver the baby to a human. Follow the stork as he embarks on his mission, discovering his true purpose in the world.
Almost Christmas
Almost Christmas - BookMyShow
Remember what social gatherings in a dysfunctional family were like? Now, watch the festive story of a beloved patriarch who calls his family together for Christmas for the first time since their mother passed away. This crazy family and their antics will make you roll over with laughter, giving you the perfect end to the year.