We don’t know who opened Pandora’s box but 2020 has not been a fun year for any human being on the planet. Yet, we are creatures of habit and we find happiness in the darkest of times. We have not let everything that is happening around the world mess with our important days. We have had quarantine birthdays, Mother’s Day, and now even Father’s Day will get a similar treatment. While we are ready to honor our fathers, it doesn’t hurt to look at some cool on-screen dads who have stolen our collective hearts.

Ratan Lal Singh, Kick

A dad who drinks with you, understands your dreams, and bails you out from jail; we are in awe of him.

Bhaskor Banerjee, Piku

While most fathers put pressure on their daughters to get married, Bhaskor Banerjee had some other plans. It could also have been reverse psychology at its finest.

Narottam Mishra, Bareilly Ki Barfi

One of the finest movies ever made had one of the coolest dads. He who offered his daughter a smoke in times of trouble and knew all about the boys in her life.

Daniel, Mrs. Doubtfire

This father is willing to go to extreme lengths to be with his daughter, leading to some hilarious consequences. We admire the thought though.

Bryan Mills – Taken

Talking about fathers who will go to extreme lengths, this dad will hunt you and kill you if you even think about harming his family.

Marlin – Finding Nemo

If there was a dad who understood his responsibilities quickly and changed his life for his child, it was Marlin. He could get a tad overprotective sometimes.

Howard Langston – Jingle All the Way

For a toddler version of you, your dad getting your favorite toy by battling all odds is certainly something that will take him to the top of the ‘Best Dad’ listing.

Chris Gardner – The Pursuit of Happyness

This one is a reel and a real inspiration to all of us who want to be better for our offsprings.

Indravadan Sarabhai, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai

This dad occasionally teases your interests and has no other occupation apart from creating trouble. Probably, the most relatable one on the list.

Jake Peralta, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The dad whose catchphrase is ‘Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool’ doesn’t need any more words.

Johnny Rose, Schitts Creek

Johnny Rose is the dad who manages to keep his family together through money and poverty. Like his family, we have a soft spot for him.

Jack Geller, Friends

Only a super cool dad could have offsprings like Monica and Ross. He always let them pursue their passions and has always been a staunch supporter.

Morty Seinfeld, Seinfeld

If there was a dad who always had his son’s back, it would be Morty Seinfeld. He continues to pay for meals when he dines with his son and no one can dare to say anything negative about him.

These are our favorite on-screen dads. This Father Day, get your dad on a binge-watching spree with our movie and TV recommendations below. Stay safe!