So you think you are the biggest Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan fan? You might have watched their films a few too many times, but then again that might not make the cut. It takes a little; actually a lot more than mere watching your favourite star’s movies a dozen times when you’re aiming for the “Biggest Fan Ever” title. And this world is filled with such crazy tales. Recently, a woman from Pakistan illegally crossed the border for a glimpse of Salman Khan. While Pakistan and India aren’t really Saat Samundar apart, it does remind us of  "Saat samundar paar main tere peechhe peechhe aa gayi".

If you think crossing the border is extreme, wait until you read these:

Bloody love

South Korean actor Ok Taecyeon once received a fan letter. No biggie, right? Prepare to get grossed out. Well, the letter wasn’t any ordinary one. The fan wrote the letter with her period blood. If that wasn’t enough, she sprinkled it with some pubic hair too. Fairydust is so mainstream, isn’t it?

Nothing is impossible

An obsessed fan of Taylor Swift once was arrested after he allegedly swam across all the way to the singer’s Rhode Island beach home.

Or expensive…

Emma Philips sold a sparkling mineral water bottle for a whopping $624. What was so special about it? The story goes that after having met Justin Bieber backstage at a TV studio, Emma grabbed the bottle that Justin took a swig from, didn’t quite like and trashed. She put it up for sale on a popular trading website and made some quick cool bucks too.

For the love of King

Ever heard of Vishahrukh? He is also known as Vishal Singh. Vishal converted his home into a SRK palace. His car too is covered with pictures of Shah Rukh Khan.

Ain’t no mountain high enough

Shahid Kapoor has quite a manic fan following too. A NRI fan of the Shaandaar star, went all the way to the base camp of Mount Elbrus and hoisted a huge flag of the Shahid-starrer Haider.

Stop and think. What crazy lengths would you go to for your favourite actor?