Remember that young Rizvan from My Name is Khan? He's all grown up now and impresses as Dhruv Mathur in Rukh. The director Atanu Mukherjee makes his Bollywood directorial debut with Rukh and he couldn't have done it better. The movie is a huge step away from what Bollywood stands for and that shows that the Hindi film industry still has the ability to surprise us. What seems like a typical whodunnit is actually a story that goes layers deep. It is not your typical family drama either. Critics cannot stop raving about this movie and here's what the top ones have to say.

"It’s not easy to be courageous enough to challenge the genre-bound filmmaking, especially for a first timer. Director Atanu Mukherjee’s Rukh challenges existing norms and our sensibilities as we get confused in our attempt to fit this suspense drama in a bracket. It might look like a typical whodunit in the beginning, but you realize within minutes that Rukh is more about fighting the inner demons than those outside." – Hindustan Times.

"As far as thrillers go, 'Rukh' is a one-of-a-kind Hindi film. It does not travel at a breakneck speed as most thrillers do, but the timing is not slow either. The film moves at a perfectly natural pace. At its heart, 'Rukh' is a coming-of-age film." – The Times of India.

"Manoj Bajpayee has made a habit of turning ineffective performances no matter the running time devoted to his role. In Rukh, he is credited with a special appearance in the short-lived and most potent character of the drama." – India Today.

"Director Atanu Mukherjee must be complimented for this ability to distract audiences by creating plot points that turn the rukh of suspicion. But this is no whodunit and pay a little attention and you'll easily be able to reconstruct the chain of events and detect the cause and culprit behind this suspicious accident." – Mumbai Mirror.

"Looking for a high-decibel family drama built around grand confrontation scenes between father and son? Rukh definitely isn't your kind of weekend watch. An air of studied mellowness pervades  Atanu Mukherjee's maiden film – an intense, engaging coming-of-age tale that features Manoj Bajpayee in a stellar role billed as a 'special appearance'." – NDTV

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