With his idiosyncratic style of dancing and cuteness, Salman Khan successfully makes his every move a signature step. Choreographers love him, co-actresses swoon over him and audiences whistle at his every move. Known for his attitude that he carries himself with, he has cultivated his own exclusive style that everyone loves to watch.

Even though his every move has his personal style, here are 11 uber cool moves that all the dancers and non-dancers can adhere to:
1. O O Jaane Jaana, Pyaar Kiya to Darna Kya

The Jump-and-Smile step, today if you go for a film that stars Salman Khan you look forward to two things, his bare torso and those perfectly engineered abs, and it all began from here.
2. Jawani Phir na Aaye, Mujhse Shadi Karogi

The famous Tauliya step. Yes, he is the only one who can do such a step without making it look offensive to anyone. And the way he did it you can say that never have been a towel put to a better use in the history of cinema. Probably every citizen of the country has danced to this song at some point of time, with or without the towel.
3. Jalwa, Wanted

The king of dance choreograph a dance number for Salman – there’s nothing more you could ask from a movie, at least I don’t. Though Prabhu Deva made Salman Bhai do some tough ones, he did manage to add some Salman flavour to the routine, and here goes the coolest collar step.
4. Hud Hud Dabangg, Dabangg

When you’ve got the attitude, just flaunt it, and it is all you could see while witnessing the famous Dabangg step. Everyone has to accept that the step is pertinent to the lyrics and the swag adds to it. The feels!
5. Hud Hud Dabangg, Dabangg 2

As if the first was any less, this is quite over the top but if Bhai does it, all is cool! Well for the CGI Dabangg step, I dare you all belly dancers to do it (obviously without the CGI).
6. Munni Badnam Hui, Dabangg

If you watch the whole song, after Pandey Ji embraces the screen, Munni kind of fades away. Each move is so awesome and funny in its own way that you wonder what was going on in the choreographer’s mind while creating the routine, or is it just Salman’s charm that adds all the magic. To sum it up, you cannot actually take one step as the signature step, but the Removing-Ants-with-Hands step wins, according to me.
7. Dhinka Chika, Ready

What do you do when you are wearing a pant with pockets, stand? Sit? Maybe. Well, when it comes to Salman Khan he dances. He can actually pull off a dance step like that and had made everyone dance along. I will call it the Hands-in-pocket step, and FYI it is eligible for a prop-dance theme as well.
8. Bodyguard, Bodyguard

While we see him (Bodyguard Lovely Singh) in a uniform doing his duty of the bodyguard with all that honesty and power, this song is the only part of the movie where he takes off his work and does a bit of dancing, and well, just moving the biceps up and down does it for Sallu bhai. I guess bhai doesn’t really need a choreographer, he can just move one of his body parts and there it is! Bang on! The Doley-Sholey step (an easy-to-flaunt step for those who have ’em).
9. Pandey Ji Seeti, Dabangg 2

While Pandey Ji plays a wayward cop, he also dances in a song to impress Laajo. Even though he dances along with Munni and his on-screen wife, none could match his energy and cuteness. Here is the Rasgulla step, for those who cannot whistle.
10. Jai Ho, Jai Ho

Along with a unique concept to promote social responsibility among the apathetic civilians, the title song of the movie has some unique steps too. The Moving-Backward step is another dancing-with-a-single-body-part-moving done successfully.
11. Selfie Le Le, Bajrangi Bhaijaan

While the song asks you to take selfies, the dance moves are such that one could only imagine Salman doing it. The Feed-Your-Dog step, exclusively for you.
He is not considered as one the best dancers of Bollywood, but we all love what he does, don’t we?

— By Shikha Singh