Three years after the success of his first film, Annabelle will be spreading terror once again through her second movie, Annabelle: Creation. The film is a prequel of the first Annabelle movie which released in 2014 and will reveal the origin of the most iconic horror doll, Annabelle.

With the earlier movie been criticized by the critics, Annabelle is now back with a different formula. This time, Annabelle is made by the hands David F. Sandberg, the director who has successfully directed Lights Out, a horror movie that had a lot of success in 2016. Then, how are the results this time? What's clear is Annabelle: Creation is all set to fare better than the first film. 

The story of Annabelle: Creation begins with a tragic accident that befell Bee (Samara Lee), the only daughter of Samuel Mullins (Anthony LaPaglia) and Esther Mullins (Miranda Otto) who work as doll makers. 12 years after their daughter's death, Samuel and Esther invite a nun, Charlotte (Stephanie Sigman) and six orphan girls live in their home, two of whom are Linda (Lulu Wilson) and Janice (Talitha Bateman), a little girl who is disabled because of polio.

It did not take long for this movie to start scaring. Janice instantly felt an awkward atmosphere when she first set foot in the Mullins family home, especially after she broke the rules in the house.

One night, Janice is tempted into the forbidden room and finds a cabinet that turns out to contain an Annabelle doll. After the incident, the odd things become more frequent. The doll reigns terror over the inhabitants of the house, haunting them one by one. Unfortunately, it’s not just a minor scare, the spirit inside Annabelle also threatens their lives.

Will they escape the terror of the damned doll? Who is the spirit that possessed the Annabelle doll? Hold your curiosity, this film will slowly unfold the mystery of Annabelle.

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Better than its predecessor

Even after the failure of the first film, Annabelle now seems to rise with new hope. In the hands of David F. Sandberg, Annabelle: Creation looks much more convincing than the predecessor film. The storyline unfolds neatly, albeit a little forced near the end. This Swedish director has managed to build intense audience tension with cinematography and accompanying music that fits. It's hard to take a long breath because the jump-scares will come out the moment you least expect.

Sandberg is also very good at playing cinematography techniques through camera grading and lighting techniques. The makeup & wardrobe divisions also support the film by refining the dated look. This film also proves to be successful in building the ambiance and throwing the audiences into the '50s.

Another positive aspect of the movie is that although it doesn't cast any famous Hollywood actors or actresses, it does not mean Annabelle: Creation is to be underestimated. A stunning performance is present through the acting of Talitha Bateman and Lulu Wilson. Both are capable of acting naturally – Talitha as Janice, a weak little girl who suddenly changes her attitude by 360-degrees and Lulu as Linda, the cute and cheerful little girl. Often, Lulu's presence is able to melt the tension through her innocent behavior.

In addition to the historical flashbacks of Annabelle's dolls, the film also features an important clue – a clue that connects other films in the Conjuring Universe. As it's known, the films are in the universe have a timeline and an interconnected story, starting from the first Conjuring, Annabelle, Conjuring 2, and finally, Annabelle: Creation.

The film offers a new hope for the next Annabelle movie, although films with doll gimmick have been taken too often to the big screen. The film which still produced by James Wan is perfect for you lovers of horror movies. Annabelle: Creation aired in Indonesian theaters starting August 9, 2017. 

Are you excited to watch the movie when it releases in India on 18th August? Let us know in the comments below. Also, don't forget to read our Annabelle: Creation trailer break

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