Forget the world you live in. Forget that the concepts of light and darkness are brought about by the rotation of the Earth with respect to the Sun. Forget that the destruction of the world lies primarily in the hands of humans. Be transported into a new world, where the only thing that is holding this universe together is a tall dark tower. Naturally, a tower that holds such potential is protected to preserve what is left of the world. Generations of ‘gunslingers’ have taken up this responsibility, but now only one remains. And he has to fight that one villain who threatens to destroy it all.

The upcoming fantasy science western film, The Dark Tower, has a familiar, but unique premise. Too often, we have seen the good guy fighting the bad guy, trying to save the world from ruining. Isn’t that what most superhero movies are about? But the protagonist here – Roland Deschain – is not your regular superhero. His weapon is a gun, and he uses it like an extension of his arm. He doesn’t shoot with his hand, he shoots with his mind. Watch him in the trailer for The Dark Tower here:

As you can see, the movie stars not one but two major actors of Hollywood. Roland is played by the ever-handsome Idris Elba, and Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey, called The Man in Black, is the villain. While movies like these always end with the hero saving the day, The Dark Tower might just not be one of them, especially since Roland’s biggest strength is his shooting skill, and McConaughey’s character can stop bullets with his hand. How Roland Deschain saves the day and the Dark Tower remains to be seen.

For those who are not familiar with Stephen King’s works, this movie has been inspired by his novel series of the same name. There are eight books in the series, and the film is a continuation of the books. Previously, two of his books – Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption and The Shining – were turned into blockbuster films. We are not sure if The Dark Tower can continue that streak, especially with the upcoming IT, again by Stephen King, which has everyone excited.

The film lacks a female character, in fact, we see no women in the trailer, but an addition to this alpha-male duo is 15-year-old Tom Taylor, playing 11-year-old Jake Chambers. Chambers in integral to the story, as he belongs to the world we normally call our own and is transported into the fictional world of the Tower after seeing Roland in his visions. From what we see in the trailer, if Roland is to beat The Man in Black, he is going to need Chambers’ help.

A movie like this is bound to have plenty of action. Lately, a lot of Hollywood action films are being inspired by the movies of the East. They are jumping on the bandwagon of crazy mindless entertaining action. The way Idris Elba manages to get all the bullets into his gun before he fires a minute later is something straight out of a Rajinikanth movie. Check out the clip here:

The Dark Tower has already released abroad, receiving mixed reviews from critics. In India, after being delayed several times, the movie is all set to hit theatres this week, on the 25th of August, two weeks after its international release. Keep an eye out on BookMyShow for our review of the film. Check this space for more updates on the upcoming movie.