DC (Detective Comics) is a vast and an ever expanding universe that gives us a glimpse of the world we all would rather live in. For decades, the comics have been a source of entertainment and fascination for kids and adults alike. The comics were collected and preserved, they were and are considered one of the most precious possessions for fans even today. However, the audience for these comics was very niche and often classified as nerds. Everything changed when these comic stories were brought on screen, first in the form of animated series and later movies. The movies helped in spreading the attraction for these superheroes and generating huge fandoms for them. The first brave step was taken by Marvel in 2008 when they released Iron Man (and it was quite successful) to not just give the fans a series but a legacy of movies that narrate multiple stories, yet very much connected (in short, a very long visual comic book).

Dawn Of Justice - BookMyShowOn the shoulders of its two giants Superman and Batman, DC went ahead with their cinematic universe in collaboration with Warner Brothers calling it the DC extended universe. Unlike Marvel, they have chosen to keep their TV universe and movies universe different, which helps them running independent stories and experiment with storylines without affecting their other projects. Unlike Marvel, their movies have failed to impress their staunch fans and supporters. On the other hand, they have wooed and hooked the audience with their exceptionally plotted and presented TV series. With the release and the criticism of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, it is natural to assume that the extended universe is not worth exploring. We are going to prove you wrong by showing parts of the universe that have really shined and all that you can look forward too.


Arrow - BookMyShowSince its premiere in 2012, it has been popular among the fans and critics alike. This story about a rich playboy being trapped on a hellish island for five years and his plans to save his city by becoming someone else is very intriguing and keeps you hooked to his trials and tribulations. The constant flashbacks of his time on the island are welcome sometimes and at times, hamper the current flow of the story. The popularity has helped spin-off multiple TV series narrating the tales of different heroes and legends. In recent times, it has failed to be consistent in its storytelling which has led to a lot of criticism. But, it will bounce back by the season finale.

The Flash

The Flash - BookMyShowWe saw Barry Allen first time on The Arrow and fell in love with his intellect and his contrast to the character that Oliver Queen was. We rooted for Felicity and Barry (not really, Olicity all the way). The Flash from the pilot has been speeding its way to our hearts and has never left. The storytelling is quick and has been getting better with each episode. We look forward to the crossover episodes, which are the highlights of each season. We really look forward to the collaboration with Supergirl in the episode World’s Finest.

Legends of Tomorrow

Legends Of Tomorrow - BookMyShow

This super team can be called the B-Team or the Justice League of the small screen. These legends were chosen because their story didn’t matter to the timeline, but they stayed because if they succeed in their mission they will be called legends. The concept of traveling in time and achieving their goals without messing with the timeline keeps you wanting more, along with watching Arthur Darvill in yet another time-traveling series that makes you feel nostalgic.


Gotham - BookMyShow

What was Gotham before the dark knight came to the rescue? What were his nemesis doing before they were working against him? Were they always these evil? Who was fighting crime before him? What was he before he donned the mask? The answers to these and a lot more is what this series holds. It is very interesting to see the people behind those villains, to see Bruce Wayne’s journey towards becoming the protector of Gotham.


Supergirl - BookMyShow

Is it a plane? Is it a bird? It’s Supergirl. The elder cousin of Kal – El (Clark Kent aka Superman) was delayed in making her way to our planet and taking care of her cousin. By the time she reached here, he was already Superman. It’s always easy to get attached to a series more than a movie, when its based on a similar subject. The time a TV series offers to build a relationship and an opinion of the characters makes us more concerned about the hardships they face. Same is the case when we say that Supergirl is more super than her super cousin.

Suicide Squad 

This is one of the two movies that we have been eagerly waiting from the DC Universe because they are displaying yet another version of our most beloved villain, The Joker. With the wars between heroes raging in both the universes, it is up to the villains to team up and save the day. Here is the trailer for the nerd in you.

The DC Universe is going to be back with two more chapters of the story they are narrating, Wonder Woman and the all-star team-up Justice League. Watch out for those. You will not regret it.