It’s almost Valentine’s Day. You know what that means. Filmmakers are getting set to release the next romantic tearjerker or the most delightful rom-com of the year. But an unlikely contender might take the box office by storm on Valentine’s Weekend. And his name is Deadpool.

This hilarious (yet, surprisingly believable) fan-made trailer for Deadpool showed us what the film would be like as a romantic drama. It’s no surprise, then, that it took the internet by storm and even got attention from the filmmakers, who decided to roll with it! They released a series of hilarious posters for the most romantic film of the year, Deadpool.

They even released a new synopsis for the film, one that would put a Nicholas Sparks film to shame!

A cancer victim can’t bear to leave the one he loves, so he undergoes an experimental treatment that tests the limits of their relationship.

But that’s not all! Ryan Reynolds and the makers of the film also took to Twitter to find out what would happen if Deadpool was on the Bachelor.

Even though we know better, we’re already looking forward to the most romantic movie of 2016. Valentine’s Day can’t come soon enough!