An ending can make or break a film. Some good movies are made even better with a great climax. Conversely, a good movie can be completely ruined by a bad ending. Over the years, there have been many Bollywood movies which were doing fine until the final third. That’s when the director/scriptwriter suffered a brain fade moment, and ended up showing a BS ending.

Let’s have a look at 10 such movies-

#1 Dilli 6

Delhi 6

Agreed, not many loved Dilli 6 to begin with, but to be fair, the film wasn’t all that bad. It gets a lot of unfair flak, but it was a decent film, which urged the viewer to look within, to find the good in him. But the bizarre climax sequence, where Abhishek Bachchan’s character dies, and goes to a random terrace, has a rendezvous with his dead grandfather (played by Amitabh Bachchan), and comes back to life, just makes the film pointless.

#2 Ghanchakkar


In the first half of Ghanchakkar, the story moves at a brisk pace, and some sequences are downright hilarious. But the second half is a drag, where the story moves in a 1000 different directions. And without any resolution, the film just ends. Oh, and the way the villain dies in the film has to be the most ludicrous in Bollywood history.

#3 Gadar


No, really. Before Sunny Deol declares war on Pakistan with a handpump in hand, this is actually a good film- with a strong socio-political message, and believable romance. Then again, handpump.

#4 De Dana Dan


I am a huge fan of Priyadarshan comedies, but I have never agreed to his style of needlessly stretched out, slapstick climax sequences. And it was the absolute worst in De Dana Dhan, with exploding water tanks, and a 5 star hotel being the location for the next instalment of Titanic.

#5 Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

The movie had flaws, yes. But it was picking up decent momentum right before the most cliched climax in Bollywood- that of a major character dying of cancer.

#6 Parineeta


Parineeta was sweet ode to old school Calcutta, with good performances and great music. However, the whole ‘break the wall’ ending would’ve been more at home in an Ambuja cement ad!

#7 Cheeni Kum

Cheeni Kum

Another case of Bollywood not knowing how to end a movie. Amitabh Bachchan has to bear the loss of his best friend Sexy, an inappropriately named 7 year old girl. He then looks at Tabu, whom he was chasing throughout the film and says, ‘You’re not Sexy’.

#8 Paa


R. Balki surely struggles with his endings. Amitabh’s Auro was supposed to die since the beginning of the film. But the whole charade of his parents getting married around his deathbed was distasteful, to say the least.

#9 Mardaani


A cop as smart as Rani Mukerjee wouldn’t let herself get captured, just so that she could get to the villain. He drugs Rani, and when she wakes up, she’s tied up. What if he would’ve killed her in her sleep?

#10 Talaash


Some people might not agree with me. But Talaash was a film with a confused genre. For most of the film, it was bring built up as a thriller, and a gripping one at that. I was waiting with bated breath for the final reveal. But the writers/director took the lazy way out, and answered every burning question with just one answer- Hey! Kareena Kapoor is a ghost!