Parents can be really cute sometimes. It is amazing how they are always ready to become cool and modern just to keep up with their kids. It is true that in the give and take relationship with their kids, the amount of giving is a lot more than the taking in their case. This short is one such story of a mom and dad trying to get their highly busy and successful daughter a companion for life.

The film starts when the daughter (Priya Chauhan) comes back from work and sits on the dinner table with her dad (Bijendra Kala) and mom (Ayesha Raza). While generally chatting about their day, the father initiates on the topic of marriage, like every other family. But the twist comes when the mother starts contradicting every positive attribute of the proposed groom put forward by his husband through something she found on his social media handles. This makes the uninterested daughter both amused and curious about the boy, but little did she know that it was all planned.

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The setting of the film is like every other urban Indian family trying to get their highly ambitious kids married. Even the Harj with a "j" instead of Harz in the title screams how quintessentially Indian this film is supposed to be. But unlike every arranged marriage proposal, this one is very well planned yet not forced. It is very rare and appealing to see an arranged marriage conversation going in favor of the to-be bride or groom.

The film is also different because of the exchanged roles of the parents. Here, the mother seems to be contradicting the father. She is the one who stalks people on social media while the father's sources are limited to Sharma Ji ki jaan pehchan and Khanna saab ne kaha, which is very atypical to the stereotypes attached to a married Indian couple. 

The film will be a sweet watch for a mundane dull day. It is delightful to see parents supporting their grown up kid with everything and understanding their take on life and relationships. The way they talk their daughter into meeting a guy actually makes them "the dream parents" for many. The natural performances only add to the appeal of the movie.

You must spare seven minutes of your day to watch this one: