You can try to curb it, but you can never hide it. That inner diva inside all of us is always on the brink of breaking free. So why not cut loose and shake that booty? You never know, you might just end up breaking the Internet like these people did!

Here are some of the demo dance videos that managed to make heads turn everywhere. On YouTube at least:

1. This incredible and jaw-dropping performance by Yanis Marshall and team:

Yes, it is three grown men in heels, possessed by Beyoncé.

2. This lovely rendition of the Melbourne Shuffle that thwarted all the others:

The tune alone is trippy. Her  killer moves are just an added bonus.

3. This brilliantly executed Harlem Shake by the Swedish Army:

There is no shortage for home-made Harlem Shake videos. But this one is a clear winner.

4. These young dancing duo taking Salsa to the next level:

Seriously, how did they do that?

5. This street dancer from Paris, who can make his muscles dance too:

Best break dancer ever!

6. These prison inmates doing Macarena in superb synchronization:

You might want to skip to 4:00 if you just want to see the inmates break into the crazy new version of Macarena!

7. This random woman at some random bus stop in Eastleigh:

Okay, this is me everyday at the bus stop. Too bad no one records me.

8. This young guy with a lot of guts:

Most people just stick to eating their lunch in the cafeteria. This guy is something else.

9. This old man who owned the floor

I don’t know about you, but this man’s free-spirited nature had me smiling all throughout.

10. This traffic cop keeping MJ’s legacy alive

All that distraction, and not a single accident.

We hope these demo videos were inspiration enough for you to record one of your own. If you do record one, don’t forget to share it with us 😉

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