Gru is back. The minions are back. Agnes, Edith and Margo are back. And so is the cuteness. The tagline for the movie – When the World needed a hero, they called a villain-is apt for the movie.


Gru is now a reformed man who is a legitimate businessman selling jams and jellies apart from the fact that he throws birthday parties and does other wonderful things for his adopted children. The AVL (Anti-Villain League) then calls him and asks for his help to save the World. A certain chemical is stolen and the AVL is on the case to prevent disaster from happening. Lucy from the AVL drops in unexpectedly and captures Gru in a manner that may make you fall on the floor, laughing. The both of them, then proceed to a mall where they suspect the super-villain to be hidden. Gru, turned a good guy now, may not be as fun as he was in the predecessor but is definitely a delight to watch.


When you watch a movie like Despicable Me,you’re not watching it for a supreme plot but for the fun associated with the film. And the sequel does not disappoint. The second installment is as good, if not better than the first and perhaps,cuter.


The whole sequence of scenes, one after another, is a laugh riot. Not to mention,Steve Carell’s impeccable accent. The minions are cuter and funnier than ever. Agnes has a very nice role to play in the movie. A lot of elements that you may not expect have been added to the film, which makes the film less “despicable” than the first one. But then, each movie needs to evolve at a certain pace and Directors Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud have done quite a fabulous job with the sequel. The best part about this film is that the humor does not get dry and neither does it lose its pace.


This movie should be watched because of all the craziness and fun that the movie brings. The minions are brilliant as always and though, barring Agnes, the other two children do not really have strong characters, they definitely pack a punch.


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