A seemingly normal life is interrupted when a Hindu man, Dharam (Paresh Rawal), finds out that he was born into a Muslim family before being adopted into a Hindu one. Struck by an identity crisis, he decides to find his biological family. While a lost boy reuniting with his father might seem like a fitting end to the story, it only throws him further into the confusion arising out of religious differences. While Dharam tries to bridge the gap between the religion he was born into and the one he was adopted into, he finds himself neck-deep in confusion. Scared of being rejected or boycotted by society, he keeps his secret to himself and starts learning and adapting to the Islamic way of life. Hilarity ensues as Dharam is pulled in two directions because of the dual life he has to live.


From the makers of Oh My God comes another seemingly powerful film that throws light on the futile practices of religion and Godmen. Get ready for some stellar performances by Naseeruddin Shah and Annu Kapoor, and keep a watch out for the catchy music score, quirky lyrics and all!

With the constant and irrelevant ban-spree in the country, Dharam Sankat Mein could really find itself in a Dharam Sankat. However, we can keep our fingers crossed and hope for a sanket-less journey for the DSM team! For now, watch the trailer here:

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