Disney is known for its movies for children. While Disney films are not only watched by kids, they predominantly cater to the younger age group. Hence, the language, tonality, visuals and effects of the movies are done keeping the audience in mind. Graphic scenes and sexual expletives are not supposed to be a part of these movies. Disney, however, has managed to get away with some naughty tricks. Through subliminal messages, Disney has expressed many dirty messages in its movies. The next time you watch them, you can look out for these hidden adult references. Some of them will simply shock you!  
The brothel scene in Aladdin
How Aladdin managed to show a brothel and get away with it, no one will ever know. In the opening scene of the movie, when Aladdin is hiding from the guards, he enters a very shady looking room. Here, beautiful women are dancing in colorful clothes. One look at Aladdin’s poor attire and they throw him out. Sure, kids would not get the reference, but how did the adults miss this?

And Genie’s explanation of ‘honeymoon’
While we are on the subject of Aladdin, in the third movie, Aladdin and the King of Thieves, the street rat finally marries Princess Jasmine. Their wedding celebrations are interrupted by an earthquake, which in fact, was an outraged elephant. But it was genie’s comment at that moment, which left us stunned. Why don’t you see for yourself what he said:

The ‘foot size’ reference in Frozen
Either Kristoff is extremely jealous or simply cynical. But when Anna speaks lovingly of Hans, he brushes it off as a teenage crush. Not just that, he starts getting competitive, and even asks Anna his ‘foot size’. Now we all know what that means! Anna coyly replies saying that ‘foot size doesn’t matter’, but to Kristoff, or any other man, it surely does.

Frozen - BookMyShow
Nudity on the Lion King poster
Our favorite childhood movie has been ruined. Lion King was full of hidden racial and sexual references and we ignored it even though it was in front of our eyes. Even the poster of the movie, which is clearly a woman’s backside, was not spared by the animators. How innocent our minds were back then and how tarnished our memories are now!

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Speaking of Lion King…
You’ve probably heard of this one before. In one scene of Lion King, Simba is seen chasing his father’s image in the sky. The image slowly begins to fade and Simba collapses in despair. Just then, the leaves and flowers float from the ground into the air, to create the word ‘SEX’, before they fade away into nothing. Yes, a children’s movie actually had the ‘S’ word written in it.

Tangled sex
Speaking of the ‘S’ word, that’s not the only time it appeared. Even on the poster of Tangled, Rapunzel’s long braid was tied around Flynn in a very specific manner. Did you catch the letters on it? This word seems to be a Disney favorite and animators love inserting it into their designs. Meanwhile, another innocent movie poster has been destroyed.

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Peter Pan’s little shadow friend
Disney’s dirty mind is decades old. In 1953, Peter Pan was released, and even that movie had a sexual reference. In one particular scene, where Peter is dancing with his shadow, the shadow reveals a little more than it should. We don’t know if this was overlooked, or the Disney animators tried to pass this off as the front of his shirt, but it should definitely not have made it to the movie.

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Boo’s mommy caught red-handed
Another childhood favorite ruined. In Monsters Inc, when Sully peeks his head into Boo’s room, there’s a picture on the wall that never caught your eye before. Even Boo’s father seems to have missed this picture because it shows her mother and uncle engaging in some pretty scandalous activity. Now Boo could hardly speak, how she made this drawing is beyond our comprehension.

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