We all were waiting for it and now we have it! The second trailer of the Marvel ‘s upcoming movie – Doctor Strange just broke the internet. With over five million views in just two days, fans all over the globe are going gaga over the new trailer, which is sure to excite and satisfy the inner nerd in you. Among those souls, many still remain aloof about the whole idea and are simply boarding the hype bandwagon. Well, if you are one of those souls and want a quick lowdown with the whats and the whys of the character and are too lazy to dig through the comics, then this article is just for you. So folks, take notes.
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To give you an overview about the character, let’s immerse ourselves in the Marvel universe. Dr. Strange or Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange (as mortals know him) is a neurosurgeon by profession. Much like Tony Stark, Strange amassed wealth even before he turned thirty because of his superior skills and talent. But like they say, with great power comes great ego, pompousness and greed, Dr. Strange is no different. Touted as the best neurosurgeon in the world, his relationship with his patients began and ended with the bill. Does that ring any bell? *cough* Dr. House *cough*. So how does this celebrated, self proclaimed megalomaniac walk the path of righteousness and is hailed as super-hero?
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That’s because of a life-changing event that hit him hard. He was in a car accident in which his car slid off a cliff while he was on his way to a stockbroker, who he believed could make him richer. Falling from what felt like eternity, he finally understood the anguish and pain for the first time. Awakening in the hospital before suffering from a feat of delirium, the doctors told him his career as a neurosurgeon was over due to nerve damage in his hands. Refusing to come to terms, he spend a fortune trying to repair the damage but in vain before he overheard a guy talking about an ancient healer. Pawning the last of his possessions, Strange booked a one-way ticket to the Himalayas to meet the healer. Searching tirelessly, he ultimately found the hidden temple and this is where the ‘Supreme Sorcerer’ was born.
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Given the gist of the character, you can pretty much imagine his on-screen persona. We are sure Benedict Cumberbatch is gonna nail it as the Sorcerer and here are the three reasons why:

Top-notch Acting
Simply watch the video below. Enough said!
Battle of the Wits
Strange is fundamentally a witty character and you know who has played a similar role? No prizes for guessing.
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Going the Extra Mile
Benedict is also known to immerse in the character and re-define boundaries for himself. Have a look for yourself.

And bonus points for that deep and husky voice! Expect mind-bending visuals, brilliant acting, witty dialogues and a magical journey, which will keep you wanting more. Just take my money already!
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-By Anish Dhurat