Verdict: Creepy, claustrophobic and convincing.

Horror movies are generally very typical, and abound with their usual tropes. You have an abandoned house, with a murky history. A ghost begins to tease the new members of the house, moving on to fully terrorizing them. After finding out more about the ghost’s past, the family is finally able to get rid of it. All’s well in the end, apart from a few dead characters. But Fede Alvarez’s upcoming thriller, Don’t Breathe, breaks out of the norm and brings us a horror movie devoid of ghosts, aliens or any other supernatural spirits. It has a simple message – the dead aren’t scary; it’s the living you have to watch out for.

Don’t Breathe begins with a robbery by three teenage thieves – Money (Daniel Zovatto), Rocky (Jane Levy) and Alex (Dylan Minnette). It is apparent that Money and Rocky are dating, while Alex likes Rocky. The three live in Detroit and get by with their petty house robberies. Tired of not making enough money and desperate to get out of their miserable conditions, the three decide to hunt for bigger fish. Money receives a tip that an Army veteran (Stephen Lang) living in an abandoned neighborhood of their town has $300,000 cash hidden in his house. The money was given to him by a wealthy woman, as settlement for killing his daughter in a car accident. What even works out for them, is that the man is blind. While robbing a blind man seems like an easy task, the trio get more than what they ask for in a robbery gone horribly wrong. Now they are trapped inside his house, with a crazy old man and his menacing dog.

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To be fair, Don’t Breathe is more of a psychological thriller than a horror movie. Yet, it is extremely creepy and has moments that make you jump out of your seat. As the audience, you can’t help but feel trapped in the murder house, itching to get out. Don’t get us wrong – you’re not desperate for the movie to end. But the journey gives you immense claustrophobia, keeping you hooked to the screen at the same time. Slowly, you begin to sympathize with the characters, but cannot pick who you’d want to save. Special effects are a bare minimum as the plot is scary enough to run chills down your spine. The sequence in the basement is especially terrifying, as the lights are cut out and the whole scene happens in night vision. The actors do a great job being blind, trying to feel their way out of the dark zone. This is when you actually stop breathing – out of sheer fear.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
If you are a fan of Fede Alvarez’s work (Evil Dead), do not miss out on this one. It’s possibly one of the best thriller films you will have seen in a long time. Also, this film will really test threshold for fear. Get ready for the scary ride!