Don't Move can easily be your all-time favorite horror short film. Directed by Anthony Melton and produced under the banner of Bloody Cuts, it's the eighth slice in the anthology of short horror films. The film jumps right in without much ado and grips you till the very end.

The plot revolves around a group of agog friends who accidentally summon an ancient demonic entity while playing with an Ouija board. A harmless night turns into a nightmare when their foolishly scrawled message declaring, "5 must die, 1 must live" surprisingly comes true as the demon eviscerates anyone that moves.

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Now, the plot here on is pretty straight forward. You move, you die. Soon they realize, only one of them is gonna live which when everything goes downhill. What unfolds next is a prime example of human nature subject to fear and uncertainty.

The director beautifully captures the tensed, eerie atmosphere and the nervous characters struggling to stay frozen at the same place. For a movie that was produced on a shoe-string budget, the CGI effects are really good. The demon looks menacing and frightening which can't be said for most short films revolving around similar concept. The 14-minute-long horror film will keep you hooked at all times and may surprise you with a twisted end.

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